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Updated 7/28/2015 Steven's "Kitchen's Secrets" airing soon

Steven's  厨房的秘密  episode airs this Saturday at 21.10 (9:10 pm)


July 5 2015 - 鍾意小朋友 馬浚偉想出演《爸爸去哪兒》
Fond of kids, Steven Ma would like to participate in "Where are we going, daddy?"

Recently, artiste Steven Ma participated in a mainland tv culinary variety show  [厨房的秘密] at Shenzhen. As the show finale guest, Steven got to showcase his skills as he worked together with mainland actress, Ma Li (馬麗), to cook his own recipe " Pan-fried scallops with golden pumpkin"「香煎帶子配黃金南瓜」

Steven says smilingly: "The production team was so surprised by how seriously I took this. (cooking) The salted egg yolk and butter (mixture) to make the "golden sauce" was all pre-prepared at home. Actually, people who enjoy cooking generally prefer buying their own ingredients and doing their own preps, and don't like delegating much."   Steven expresses that he truly enjoys cooking, thus, is very interested in culinary shows.

Mainland has numerous tv variety shows, when asked which kind he would most like to participate in, Steven says: "Actually, I'd most like to participate in shows similar to  "Where Are We Going, Daddy?"《爸爸去哪兒》. Too bad I'm not a father, thus, not qualified to participate in the show. But I also hope to participate in shows that feature kids because I like  kids. Hope, there are such shows that don't require participants to be fathers, that way I can play too. Participating in this kind of tv program is truly happy, very fun!"

When asked about his future acting projects, Steven says: "My present attitude is to accept  (the offer) only when the script and role are both good. I'm not anxious. Also hope people won't rush me. Hope the audience would be patient. When a good script comes along, I'll definitely accept it."


TN: Steven has previously, at different times, shared on weibo and HK tv cooking show his two home recipes on Golden Prawns, and Golden Scallops. (probably the same recipe as this show, with some tweaking.)

赵屹鸥 is a very gracious and eloquent tv host in "Generation Show", given his excellent hosting skill, I'm really looking forward to this episode with Steven. 

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