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Revised: YPP episode 3 summary

Qi Jun is devastated at seeing the fiery scene apparently consuming his beloved Yong En. He rushes towards the fire hoping to save Yong En but is held back by his father, who arrives just in time to save his son from a fiery death. Qi Jun goes to Jin residence to tell the Jin family of Yong En's death. So much emotions. Poor father gives poor Qi Jun a bad beating but the latter welcomes the physical pain to assuage his mental anguish! Haiz! Where did Yong En go to? She goes to find Quan Bo, the old housekeeper who was sacked by her stepmother long ago.  A girl (Qian Yun), who will later become her best friend, shows her the way to Quan Bo's restaurant.

Meanwhile, Qi Jun is beset with guilt at 'Yong En's' untimely death. He feels like a murderer. After hearing Yong En's sad tale, the indignant Quan Bo wants to take her back home but she refuses.  She begs to stay with Quan Bo.

Mr. Song presses Qi Jun to marry Yi Lan for all the potential benefits their union will bring to their family. Quan Bo let Yong En to stay with him.

Yi Lan looks forward to her engagement party with Qi Jun. Qi Jun meets old childhood friend, Bao Ren, and he introduces the other soldier, Zuo Nan; they are now part of Qi Jun’s father’s army. They were here to bring the engagement gifts to Yi Lan during their engagement party.  Yong En gets settle down in Quan Bao’s place.

(note: The editing of scenes is so annoying) 

Yi Lan dresses up for her and Qi Jun’s engagement party. But stubborn and heartbroken Qi Jun refuses to attend the party and leaves home. Qi Jun leaves a letter of apology to Yi Lan. The letter says that with her superior quality she deserves much more than he can give her. Yi Lan announces to her guests that groom has been held up from coming but urges them to stay for the party and treats it like a reunion party. (What a classy lady!) Scorned again for the second by the man she loves.  Yi Lan's father, Mr. Sun, does not take kindly to losing face big time in front of an audience. There goes Mr. Shen's hope for monetary support from that wealthy businessman, .

Yi Lan continues to maintain a calm facade before her father, in fact, she finds reasons for Qi Jun's wilful action. Yi Lan goes to a bar to drown her sorrow in liquor. And like the provebial bad penny who else but Ting Xuan turns up in front of her. Seems like he always encounters Yi Lan when she is upset over Qi Jun. Yi Lan is less than pleased to him but he is not deter by her bad mood.

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(TN: I love all the one on one scenes of TX vs YL. So very enjoyable. Tang Ling did really well in her performance considering she was still a newbie at the time. )

TX: Hi, Song Da Xiao Jie (Miss Song)

YL: I’m not in the mood tonight, don’t bother me. 

TX: It’s so late now. It’s not safe for a lady to drink alone in this kind of bar. Want me to send you home? Come!

YL: What do you want? To revenge? All I did was to repay what you did to me.

TX: You overthink. Come now, let’s go.

YL: I don't plan on leaving. I’ve my drink, you’ve yours. So mind your own business. 

TX: What’s the point of drinking that kind of drink ya. Want to try mine? A glass pls. (to the waiter)  Dare to try?

TX challenges YL. She picks up the glass, and empties the glass in one gulp, puts down the glass and asks for a refill.

YL: Another glass!

TX: Sure can drink. Cheers! Actually, if not happy, cry it out then. When done crying, treat it as a game. Dream awaken, tomorrow will be fine again.

YL: I won’t cry. I won’t cry at all. Song Yi Lan’s tears are not that cheap.
(She sniffles. )

Seeing her thus, TX wraps his arm around her shoulders to comfort her.

TX:  Cry, go ahead and cry. You’ll feel much better. (She sniffs a little, wipes off her tears.)  Feel better now?

Yi Lan sighs, looks sidelong at TX, and in a much softer voice says: "I’d like to stay a while but if you’ve things to do, you go ahead and leave."

TX: Unless I can be sure you’ll be all right by yourself, I won’t leave. I don't want to leave you here all by yourself. 

Yi Lan is touched by his concern and she smiles sweetly. 

YL: I’m all right now. Actually, in everybody’s lifetime, all will encounter the unexpected and pleasant surprises. Just that sometimes the surprises are without the pleasantness, that’s all.

TX: Truly, a woman who has seen the world. Undoubtedly one of a kind. (He looks at Yi Lan with obvious appreciation) For the first time in my life, I, Tang Ting Xuan, am so filled with admiration for a woman I've encountered.

YL turns her head towards TX, looks at him and let out a small, knowing smile. A modern woman, she knows a come-on line when she hears one but still at that very moment it does her hurt pride good to have a man, a good looking one at that, complimenting her. (What a charmer, that Tang Ting Xuan is.) 

YL: Given your Tang Da Shao Ye’s (The 1st Tang young master) qualification, the women you’ve encountered, which one of them is not of superior quality?

TX: So would you give me a chance?

Hearing his request, YL’s face instantly fell and a faint sigh escapes unbidden as she says softly: Ai, why it has to be you?

Poor TX. What man likes to hear a woman he is interested in say that? Haha @ Ting Xuan’s expression as he smiles wryly at her response. 

A pause. YL looks up and glances slightly at the wall.

Inspired by what she saw, she says: Fine. If you’ll construct an amusement park like that one for me. I don't mind having another alternative. (a framed picture of a carousel hanging on the wall) Seeing TX's bemusement, she triumphantly says:

What? Can’t do it? Well, guess you've just wasted your effort. 

She coyly walks away from bar, her mood clearly lightened up by her flirty bantering with TX.  However, TX is not one to be sidelined as he comes back with his own riposte.

TX: Not really. Who knows next year this time you’ll see a fully constructed amusement park just for you.

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Flashback – Over the years, Mr. Jin has neglected Yong En because she looks too much like his runaway wife, Yu Cen (later addressed as Cen Yi (yi=aunt) by her stepsons), whom he still pines after. He flashback to how he lost his wife to Mr. Tang Ji (Ting Xuan & Ting Liang's father), who later made her his 2nd wife and together they have a daughter, Wei Yao. Wrongly accused of having an extra marital affair with Mr. Tang and disillusioned by her husband's infidelity, Yu Cen attempted suicide with her infant daughter but just as she was about to jump into the river they were timely saved from a watery death by Mr. Tang, who btw appeared out of nowhere. Incidentally Mr. Tang and Yu Cen were childhood sweethearts but Yu Cen was forced by her parents to marry Mr. Jin, and Mr. Tang later married his 1st wife for her enormous dowry.  Overwhelmed with jealousy at the sight of his wife with her childhood lover, Mr. Jin gave his distraught wife a choice, either go home with him or go with Mr. Tang. Yu Cen refused to go home with him because she couldn’t stand her life with her abusive husband anymore. Mr.Jin wrenched baby Yong En out of Yu Cen’s arms and ran off, leaving behind a devastated Yu Cen wailing in anguish.

Rui Fen calls Mr. Jin, breaking his reverie of the past to the present. She angers him when she reminds him of his cool treatment toward Yong En when she was home.  All this time, Mr. Jin has let everybody think that his wife has died during childbirth. 

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Qi Jun's subordinates, Bao Ren and Zuo Nan, found Qi Jun at a restuarant. They tell him of his father's dire political army crisis. Apparently Mr. Shen's arch enemy is trying to usurp Shen's position by riling up his army. Qi Jun sends them to spy on the arch enemy. 

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Walking the street, Ting Liang recalls his father urging Ting Xuan to get married. Lost in thought he accidentally bumps into Yong En’s younger sister, Ai Wen.  A sort of relationship is struck. It pays to be both young and pretty. 

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Quan Bo’s restaurant name is "Jin Yu Man Tang"  
Yong En wants to help out in the restaurant but Quan Bo forbids her to do so because she might hurt herself - she is forever his young mistress. He gives her a pair of huge round frame glasses as disguise and to 'uglify' her pretty, as if they would.  

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Bonesetter practitioner clinic - Ting Liang accompanies Ai Wen to see the practitioner. Surreptitiously checking out Ai Wen, Ting Liang thinks she may make a suitable wife for him. And of course, Ai Wen is impressed by Ting Liang's rich appearance. Anyway, looks like Ai Wen is hurt quite badly from her fall. And so that's how Ting Liang and Ai Wen's relationship started.  Seems like all the couples' relationships have melodramatic beginning. 

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Qi Jun and his subordinates sneak into the enemy's house, and knocked down several posted sentries. 
They fight their way into a room where he confronts the rival warlord Hu about his conspiracy to kill him at the port/station when he first returned home from overseas. Qi Jun threatens the warlord that he has better watched his own back. 

Qi Jun goes home to face the music.  His father's wrath has not lessened but he is much mollified when he found out what Qi Jun and his followrs did the last two days he was away from home. How they snuck into warlord Hu's place.  His father chuckles with appreciation and says that's my son.

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Yong En insists on helping out in Qian Bo's restaurant.  The girl from next door, Qian Yun, (the same one who previously directed Yong En to Quan Bo's restaurant) comes in to place an order with Quan Bo. They later become best friends.  Seeing Qian Yun as a way out to get Yong En out of the restaurant Qian Bo insists on Qian Yun taking out Yong En for some sightseeing outside. 

Next scene
Tang residence ground - Mrs. Tang is painting something. Ting Liang is standing behind her waiting to talk to her. He once again complaints to his mother about the unfair treatment to the 2nd son vs the first born. His argument is that it should be fair competition between the two sons and not have their lives fated by the order of their birth. His mom says to him that if it is yours as fated it will be yours, if it is not yours, you can't force it. Don't be impatient. No one knows what fate has in store for us. Qin Yi's (2nd wife) unexpected arrival interrupted their conversation. Ting Liang makes his exit. Mrs. Tang coldly rejects Cen Yi's lipstick and perfume gifts.  Qin Yi exits. Though Mrs.Tang looks cool outwardly, inwardly she is boiling mad at her husband's unfaithfulness towards her.


Revised summary write-up is on the currently airing episode nationwide, which is slightly different from that aired on local tv stations, length-wise, editing and story sequence wise.

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original post date: Mar 21, 2013
*The mother of young actress as Wei Yao  said her daughter kissed and hugged their tv when Ting Xuan came on screen.  Said Wei Ya is still stuck in the drama cos' she still loves Steven very much so.

Because Tang Ting Xuan's screen time is so little, netizens on baidu YYP began questioning who is the actual male lead in this series. Luckily, Ting Xuan's and Lai Fu's screen time started picking up from then on.

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