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Revised: YPP episode 4 summary

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Arts store  - Mrs. Tang wants to buy some art supplies.  She asks Mr. Gao's opinion on her painting on the fan, and of course, he praises her work. Then she asks if he can write a poem onto the fan since she does not do calligraphy herself.  Not wanting to risk messing up an important client's fan, Mr. Gao begs off saying that he has hurt his hand, but he will find another who can do it. During their conversation, Yong En and Qian Yun  (Mr. Gao's daughter who has now become good friend with Yong En) walk into the store. Overhearing the calligraphy request on the fan, Yong En says she can do it, and that's what she did, and a pretty job too.  Both Mr. Gao and Mrs. Tang are very impressed by her work. Impressed by Yong En's exquisite calligraphic talent, Mrs. Tang rewarded her for her work handsomely. Qian Yun introduces Yong En to her father. Mr. Gao offers Yong En a job in his store to help out with the calligraphy work.

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Mr. Tang calls in Ting Liang to reprove him for mishandling a customer.  Ting Liang thought Ting Xuan has ratted him out to their father. But he didn't. Mr. Tang found out about the debacle because the angered client had persuaded other important customers to collectively withdraw their bank accounts from the bank. Mr. Tang further fuels Ting Liang's deep resentment towards Ting Xuan when he tells Ting Liang to be more like his older brother.

Mr. Tang and Qin Yi have a chat. Mr. Tang is unsure which of his sons should take over the business. Though outwardly all's fine between his sons, he senses the undercurrents between them, that because of their competitiveness they can't work harmoniously together.  To prevent bad blood down the road, he must come up with a successor to his business. He is in a dilemma, and asks for Qin Yi's opinion.

Qin Yi:  Ting Xuan has the drive and decisive, his actions ruthless and accurate.  He has the killing instinct. If he takes control of the business, it will thrive and prosper.  But I must say that his strength is also his weakness.  Precisely because he is that way: too high profile, too bold, too single-mindedness, he is inevitably committing a good military strategy taboo, thus he can easily lose his 'jiang shan' (empire) (tn:. a military commander must ensure he maintains the loyalty of his troop and support of the people. He must judiciously avoid arousing unnecessary jealousy and envies around him because of him being too high profile.)

Qin Yi: As for Ting Liang, though his inborn quality is inferior to Ting Xuan but it's fine.  If you want to keep the Tang family's business in status quo then he can do it.

Alerted by a noise, they caught Ting Liang eavesdropping on their conversation.

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Fencing duel - Ting Xuan clad in weird-looking, ill-fitting, ugly, baggy pants

The fencing duel is fierce and intense.  Ting Liang did not hold back at attacking Ting Xuan at all. Later Ting Xuan says if people did not know any better they would think Ting Liang was out for Ting Xuan's blood.  Apparently Ting Liang is the better fencer of the two. Ting Xuan jibes Ting Liang that it is better for him to withdraw from the business sector because he is truly that bad, since he is good at fencing, as his older brother he will even establish a fencing school for him to take in students as livelihood. So hobby plus business- how good is that? The two got a loud argument.

Ting Liang says who has never made a mistake before. Ting Xuan  retorts arrogantly :" Sorry, but I truly have never made a mistake before." Yes, Ting Xuan is that arrogant of his own abilities and not above showing off his superiority to others, which is why Qin Yi has said earlier that his sense of superiority will rub people the wrong way, and out of jealousy will want to bring him down ignominiously.

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Yong En and Qian Yun come out from a cinema. And Qi Jun passing by in a trishaw thought he was hallucinating when he saw her but as he gets off the trishaw he lost sight of her in the milling crowd. Qi Lan driving by in her car sees Qi Jun and he gets into her car.  This is their first time meeting since their engagement party. They have a heart to heart talk.  Yi Lan tells Qi Jun she still loves him.

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Restaurant- One of the waiters, Ma Kuan, has designs on Yong En, thinking that he can marry her and through her take over the restaurant from Quan Bo.  Quan Bo advises Yong En to keep her distance from the men.  Suddenly they hear loud voices over their building, and go down to investigating the reason.

Looks like Mr. Gao is a gambling addict and in debts. The debtors (from Tang Bank) pressured him to either pay back his debt to them or they will take his store as repayment of debt. In the scuffle, Mr. Goa dies.  Quan Yun is now an orphan.

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Bank of Tang

Yi Lan visits Ting Xuan in the bank and is kept waiting while he's in a meeting with his right hand man.

To construct his amusement park, Ting Xuan has his eyes on a piece of land on which Quan Bo's restaurant coincidentally located. At all cost, especially the land along the coast, he wants to get hold of the land. He is pleased when his man, De Gui, told him of his success to get Mr. Gao to sign over his land to him but of course did not go into detail on how he did it, and of course, Ting Xuan wouldn't want to know the dirty secret either. It is the result that matters not the method, and more important of all, he anticipates his father's praise of his business acumen. Smiling smugly, Ting Xuan reveals he has someone in mind he can use to highly publicize his amusement park project to attract public attention, and of course, more importantly, investors. But before he can elaborate on who that person is, Yi Lan unceremoniously bursts into his office.

Anyway, Yi Lan got tired of being kept waiting outside for Ting Xuan. And of course befitting a haughty, rich girl's character, she abhors being so ignored, so, not surprising she interrupts the closed door meeting, looking extremely haughty and annoyed but very pretty. And Ting Xuan effecting gentlemanly contrite, apologizes to her. Yi Lan is appeased by his apology.  Tang Xuan's purpose for inviting Yi Lan to meet him at the bank is revealed.  He wants to show her a place - the place where he will build his amusement park for her. Ting Xuan drives Yi Lan up to the hill where he was last left stranded on in his bi-color car. They get off the car to look at the panoramic scene before them.

YL: So this is the place you want to bring me to?
TX: Right, what you think?
YL jibes: Surprised that someone covered with the stench of money like you know how to appreciate something so charming.

A shrewd businessman through and through, Ting Xuan's motive is not to bring her for view appreciation, but rather to boast to her of his grand project to build her the amusement park. (Actually, she is more a publicity tool to promote his project though it doesn't hurt that her company attracts and challenges him.  So, yeah, he is killing two birds with a stone - business + pleasure combo.

TX takes her jibe in stride.

YL: But, this is not what I had anticipated for romance. Really way off from my expectation.
TX: Guess I still have much to learn lo.
YL: A smart answer. With you, sometimes truly feel as if engaging in a battle of wits.

TX lowers himself to her height, looking her straight in the eye he challenges her: Don't you think living with this kind of person is stimulating?

But YL is not fazed with his explicit question.

YL counters: Living with very dangerous! Worry that one day, might get sold by you and still foolishly thought that was stimulating.

TX appreciates such smart back talk, and chuckles at her response.

TX: Fine!

Since he is not making inroads with his flirtatious move with YL, he returns to his original motive of bringing her there.

TX: Actually, I've a motive for bringing you here. Look at that land, what do you think of it?

YL: This land? What's with it?

TX: I plan to build an amusement park there. More importantly, it must have a carousel in it.

YL: I was just kidding. You took it for real?

TX: Every word you said, I'll take it for real? So,please be careful what you said to me, else if you want to the heavenly stars I honestly can't do it.

Now, what woman's heart won't be melted by such romantic declaration of a man hanging on her every word, especially coming from such a charming man?

TX: Say, have you gambled with yourself? Do you dare to gamble with me?

Intrigued, YL says: Gamble what?

Still holding her gaze, TX says: Love, marriage - a lifetime. Gamble that I can give you the most romantic love, the most faithful marriage, also gamble that I will take good care of you for the rest of your life through thick and thin.

But YL got a good head on her shoulders, not easily swayed by sweet nothing declaration of love from a near complete stranger, albeit tall, rich and handsome and intelligent and young - a potent combination in a man.

Looking incredulous, not at all touched, YL retorts: We've known each other but a few days, don't you think this gamble is too absurd?

TX does not deny the absurdity.

TX: Else why is it a gamble?

YL can't deny TX's reasoning.

TX: But honestly, would you be willing to accept my marriage proposal?

YL breaks eye contact with TX, and looks away, pensive. She turns back to look at his expectant face.

YL: Since you are so direct, I'll be too. If it is him, without hesitation I would accept this gamble. But matter how crazy I may be I won't lose my mind as to gamble my life with a person I don't know all that well.

TX: It's fine, I can give you time. I'll give you 3 days. When time comes, you can answer me then.

YL: 3 days? You think within 3 days, one can understand a person?

TX: Haven't you heard of 'love at first sight'?

YL doesn't know how to respond but her silence tacitly means she is up for the challenge. What a romantic scene -- Ting Xuan, this kind of suave man though very exciting is also very dangerous to women -- cos' he knows how to play with their hearts. Women beware! Beware!

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Tang Residence
Qin Yi misses her daughter, Yong En. She feels guilty over leaving her all these years, and wishes to see her again. Mr. Tang promises her that he will make arrangement to effect a meeting between her and Yong En.

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Song Residence

Ting Xuan sure is a fast worker. As soon as Yi Lan steps inside the house, she is informed by her maid that someone has flowers delivered to her. A big bouquet of blood red roses. Of course, it's from Ting Xuan. Timing it right, his phone call followed the flowers immediately. Not wasting any time, he immediately set up a date with Yi Lan for the next day, reminding her he has only 3 days to change her mind about him. Ego stroked, she plays coy with her answers, and leaves Ting Xuan hanging with no definite answer as to whether she would go out on a date with him tomorrow - saying she will let her mood decide. Hanging up the phone call, Yi Lan smiles smugly, well pleased by Ting Xuan's ardent pursuit of her, adding spice to her life and salve to soothe her hurt pride.

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Bonesetter clinic
Ting Liang is pacing at the clinic's entrance waiting for Ai Wen to get done with her treatment for her leg. Later, Ting Liang and Ai Wen have lunch together. Looks like both brothers have found their prospective brides.

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Outside the Jin Residence
Having waited almost the whole day in their car outside the Jin Residence, Mr. Tang and Qin Yi have yet to see any sight of Yong En outside the house. Mr. Tang comforts Qin Yi and says they will continue to stake out at the house until they see her.  Haiz! Mr. Tang is so loving to his mistress but thoroughly cold to his official first wife. Such is the sad plight of most 1st wife to a rich man.

Back to Ting Liang and Ai Wen's lunch date scene.
Killing 2 birds with a stone, Ting Liang is outwardly courting Ai Wen but in actuality the main purpose of their date is to have Ai Wen as his alibi as he anxiously waits for a phone call. In tandem with his anxiety he keep checking his waist clock for the time.  Surely, he is up to no good! Ting Xuan, watch out!

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Ting Xuan plays hard but he works harder. Late at night in the office Ting Xuan finally calls it a day and leaves the office to go home. On the way home, it starts pouring so he buys an umbrella, which almost immediately becomes a weapon to defend himself with when all of a sudden he is attacked by a group of thugs from all sides. Though he puts on a strong fight, he is but one person with no weapon against so many. (and also no Yong En to help him out unlike Qi Jun in the 1st episode) . Just when it seems like he may actually escape from the thugs, he is ambushed at the corner in the alley. The scene fades out with gunny sack over his head, and a thug hitting his head with a stick.

Their deed done, Ting Liang finally receives the phone call that he has waited so anxiously all this time - that the thugs have successfully accomplished their mission of killing Ting Xuan.  What an evil brother!

Jin Residence
Finally Ai Wei comes home from her extra long date with Ting Liang seeing it is now night time. Of course Ting Liang had deliberately kept her until he received the call from the mercenary thugs.  Mr. Tang and Qin Yi have waited the whole day to see Yong En. Having never seen the grown-up Yong En, they understandably mistaken Ai Wen as Yong En.  Seeing how Ai Wen was strongly rebuked by her worried parents for her irresponsible staying out late, they mistakenly thought she is abused by her parents, when in fact she is just a spoiled brat back talking to her anxious parents.

Back in Tang residence, Qin Yi cries over her lost daughter being abused at home. Back in Jin residence, Ai Wen tells her mother of her date with the 2nd young master of Tang family, much to Rui Fen's delight.

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Tang residence. Suddenly, an agitated De Gui bursts into the room,hollering that 1st young master has disappeared since last night.  He has looked for him the whole day but could only find his blood stained jacket by the river side. Mr. Tang orders De Gui to keep Ting Xuan's disappearance secret so as not to upset their business deals.

Song Residence
Apparently, Ting Xuan has put in an order to have rose bouquets delivered to Yi Lan daily for 3 days in a row.  His message: "The most beautiful flowers given to the most beautiful woman. The most intoxicating fragrance matched with the most enticing woman."  But poor Ting Xuan, the flowers did not elicit the feeling from Yi Lan he had hoped for - cos' his romantic gesture only makes Yi Lan wish that the flowers came from Qi Jun instead.失望

Railway station
After Mr. Gao's death, Qian Yun goes to live with her paternal aunt in another city. Yong En tries to persuade Qian Yun to stay with her and Quan Bo but in vain.  She gives her aunt's address to Yong En.

Tang Residence
Ting Xuan can't be found.  Mr. Tang takes the news hard. He reiterates that if people ask of Ting Xuan's absence, they all must say he has gone overseas - that is his order.  In short, all business deals and decisions are hold until Ting Xuan is found.

Song Residence
Tang Ting Xuan's phone call never came. Yi Lan feels inexplicably let down, after all, Ting Xuan's ardent pursuit of her does add color to her life. She orders the servant to throw away the flowers in her bedroom.

All hell breaks lose. The police chief has a warrant to search the Song house. Mr. Song is suspected of bribery. Yi Lan says her father is in banking, how can he be suspected of bribery, they must have made a mistake.  Mr. Tang is arrested anyway.  Poor Yi Lan, first she was stood up by Ting Xuan who did not even have the courtesy to call off their date, and now even worse, her father is arrested on suspect of taking bribes. So who would she call but her hero, one Qi Jun.  And who would Qi Jun ask for help but his own father.

Qi Jun begs his father to help clear Mr. Song of the charges. Mr. Shen tells his son they can't get involve in the situation because obviously some powerful person has Mr. Song framed, so it is best for them to keep their distance else they will be implicated too.  Qi Jun says if his father won't help he will think of a solution himself.

Revised summary write-up is on the currently airing episode nationwide, which is slightly different from that aired on local tv stations, length-wise, editing and story sequence wise. Episode 4 here = episode 6 on local tv.

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