Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2007 Steven Ma wishes Joyce Koi Happy Birthday

Steven gave Joyce a birthday red packing wishing her Happy Birthday, Gugu! And signed himself off as Guo Yi. Their affectionate addresses of each other harkens back to their friendship struck up during their collaboration in Better Halves in 2003.

Their pet names came about because in June 1st 2003, Steven officially became Hong Kong renowned Cantonese opera master, Loong Gun Tin's  (龍貫天) student. After the teacher-student officiation tea ceremony, Steven and Master Loong invited the two leading female leads of Better Halves, Joyce Koi and Maggie Cheung to a midnight snack.  During the meal, they divulged their newly established teacher-student relationship.  Joyce was both happy and curious: "This is strange! How come a horse wander into here? Not even of the same stable, so why took up tutoring?"  Because Joyce and Loong are both students of 薛觉先 hence of the same level, Joyce insisted that Steven as student of Loong by opera status, would now have to address her as " 靓 (pretty) gugu", and he would  be "Guo Yi" and they would be the Insane/crazy/loony heroes (pun on Condor Heroes)「神经侠侣」 .

2003 source

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