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Steven - a worry wart? AF discussion

AF repost 1718  Posted 18 August 2009 - 12:00 AM 
honeydaisy: Wonder what his shortcomings could be? .. he seems perfect, but he can't be, can he? Or maybe he is the last of the "good men" left!
 His friends' complaints of his shortcomings. 
1) too pragmatic, too levelheaded, too much of a thinker = not spontaneous enough
2) too calm and collected = distant 
3) not open with his thoughts = reserved
4) too cautious = boring. 

Allegations on Steven's work ethics/shortcomings. link1; link2
5) too punctual therefore too rigid?
6) too conscientious in pre-memorizing his script down pat 
7) don't condone fooling around during filming- no fun

Anyway, my biggest complaint about him is that he seems such a worry wart over his family and loved ones, so much so he once suffered panic attacks from over stressing. Good news is, Steven himself is much aware of that flaw, which if not properly tempered can lead to over controlling of other people's lives. He even wrote about how his over stressing and worrying led to his 1st of many panic attacks in his latest book. Today, his panic attacks are all but gone as he learns not to over stress himself with unneeded burdens that are not his to begin with anyway. 

All these sound like his strengths rather than his weaknesses. But I guess, like most stuff, there are always two sides of a thing. So strength can very well be weakness and vice versa. However, I would still regard the mentioned as good qualities as I think the opposite of those qualities could probably cause more problems than those qualities themselves. I have some reservation about point 7 though, I do believe he doesn't fool around during filming (as in between the calling for 'action' and 'cut'), but I believe he is not no fun at all during his presence on the set, because I remember Tavia saying that Steven can play very crazily sometimes that she even nicknamed him "crazy guy".

(eta:IKR? My point exactly! I see that as strengths too. Steven doesn't have noticeable weaknesses, so his strengths got turned into flaws by detractors.) Recall how during a job interview or any interview for that matter, when asked about one's weaknesses, one should always come out with a trait that can be viewed as either a strength or a weakness, for e.g. persistence/ tenacity / determination = obsession?  protective = controlling? etc.  And yes, Steven did mention he is only serious during takes. 

honeydaisy: On Steven's panic attacks
At least he's aware of it! Nothing worse than someone who can't see his own faults. And he seems to be doing something about it, rather than denying it, or continue doing something self-destructive like over-stressing to the point of getting panic attacks. That sounds pretty hard core. Worrying is normal, but I've never heard of anyone worrying to that extent!

Tamaya: Re-reading my above post about my complaint of him being a worry wart, I truly did not express my thoughts well in the post. May I amend that comment with this post: 

Granted that "worrying is normal" but celebrities faced abnormally high anxieties and stress incomprehensible to us regular people. Steven is a worry wart, he admits as much in his press and radio interviews. But what I neglected to mention is that besides his propensity to over worry more than other people, his panic attacks were set off not by one factor alone but by an accumulation of myriad factors such as: his unwillingness to share and his indiscriminate shouldering of burdens, whether they're his to carry or not. Just that as a worry wart, he may have magnified every anxiety or worry unnecessarily. Steven has been quite candid about his past anxiety attacks. I guess that is why he is so caring of his young fadan co-stars, having been through the stress period himself. 

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