Sunday, February 26, 2012

Steven's characters' eyebrows

 asianfanatics 1703 8/13/2009

 Akazukin: So does it mean Steven does his make up for his ancient series and even draws eyebrows on his own? Anyway, talking about ancient eyebrows, my favourite is Ji Yuen so far. I think they did fix the eyebrows and make them more ancient and groomed but then they still look very natural. For DOMD, SG, and BH, I think the drawing of the eyebrows are a bit too obvious, and LOW is a bit too ungroomed or short for ancient.

Tamaya:  I think Steven still requires professional help, maybe he does the basic touch-up after his character's face has been put on. 

Didn't really pay attention to his characters' eyebrows, but in Domd he had to have half of his eyebrows shaved off so that the make-up artist could make them look more dramatic. 

by Hu @
Akazukin:  I did notice his eyebrows in DOMD are thinner and look longer, so they did shave off his eyebrows. They make him look so beautiful, hehe...

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