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Revised: YPP episode 5 summary

next scene - Jin Yu Man Tang Restaurant
Because of his poor health, Quan Bo is persuaded by his employees to hire a new employee.

next scene - River bank
Yi Lan is comforted by Qi Jun who promises he will do everything in his power to get her dad cleared of the charges.

Restaurant scene
Yes!!! Lai Fu makes his appearance in the series.  Love him! What a cutie ~~ kawaii~~

A young man of average height and weight, dressed in coarse peasant attire, with a cloth bundle carrier slung over his shoulder, walks towards the restaurant. At close up, he has an open, pleasant face, with a mop of longish, water-melon hairstyle .  He takes down the job opening notice from the wall, and walks into the restaurant filled with anticipation. He begs Quan Bo to hire him, says he will work hard at his job. Quan Bo asks him about his age and his family, and his previous work experiences. The young man says he is twenty-three years and that he has a mother in his family, and that he used to produce soya sauce. Quan Bo asks how come he left his job. The young man says cos' he wants more worldly exposure. Quan Bo warns him that producing soya sauce is different from working in a restaurant. The latter must be quick witted, and hands dexterous, is he up to it? Yes, he says with emphasis. And so the young man's dexterity is instantly tested. Probably due to nervousness and the eagerness to prove his capability, he promptly failed the simple task of clearing the table of dirty dishes onto the tray in his hand.  And then, predictably the laden tray slipped off his hands and fall onto the floor, breaking the dishes into smithereens. Poor Lai Fu!

But lucky for him, Yong En comes down the stairs and pleads on his behalf to have Quan Bo hired him anyway. Unable to resist Yong En's plea, Quan Bo hires Lai Fu on one month's probation, effective right now. Thus begins Lai Fu's predestined fate.

Bank of Tang
Without Ting Xuan's tight control and direction, the bank affairs are in total disarray.  Mr. Tang has no choice but to take charge. He calls a management meeting and informs those present that he has sent Ting Xuan to take care of an overseas investment, so meanwhile everybody is to report to him, and that they are to continue working on whatever projects they were doing before Ting Xuan's absence. Ting Liang is disappointed not to be appointed Ting Xuan's successor.

Lai Fu goes home to tell his mom the good news of finding a job in the restaurant. (tn: Terrible acting from actress.)

Police Chief office
Mr. Tang reports Ting Xuan's mysterious disappearance to the police chief Liu, but requests that the investigation be conducted discreetly and not be leaked to the outside. Qi Jun asks to see police chief Liu to plead Mr. Song's case but the latter refuses to see him.  Qi Jun waylaid Chief Liu outside the latter's house, but Liu adamantly refuses to leak the name of the person behind Mr. Jin's arrest.

Shen Residence
Mr. Shen blows up at Qi Jun for dragging him into the whole Mr. Song's mess. But Qi Jun entreats his father to help Mr. Song, an old friend who has once helped him.  Mr. Shen says he well knows that helping Mr. Song out of the mess will mend the bridge between the two families over the broken engagement, and that out of gratitude Mr. Song will continue to finance Mr. Shen's military expenses. So with such benefit to him, he will of course do his best to help Mr. Song. But he also knows the person behind all this has to be a very powerful man, so at the same time he must tread gingerly to covertly find out his identity, else he not only did not help Mr. Song but will get caught into the whole mess himself. That's a mature life experience speaking compared to Qi Jun's youthful recklessness. Mr. Shen orders his son to back off, he himself will take care of it.

Late at night.  A camera long shot at a lone figure scrubbing the floor, and close in to show it's Lai Fu.  Yong En sees the uneaten bowl of food on the table.

YE says softly: Lai Fu!
Lai Fu immediately stands up.

YE: It's so late already, how come you still haven't eaten?

LF: The work's not done yet.

YE: Where are the others? Can it be they let you do all the work?
LF: No, this is all my work.  I'm just slow, need to work more to get the hang of it.
YE: But still you need to eat first.
LF: No, no, no. Must get the work done first because I can eat.
YE: Who say? Hai Shu (cook),
LF: No
YE: Wang Liang?
LF: No
YE: Then it must be Ma Kuang. Besides him there's no one else.

Talk of the devil, Just at that moment, Ma Kuang walks in berating Lai Fu for not doing his work.  Yong En interrupts his tirade.

YE: Ma Kuang, how come won't allow Lai Fu to eat?

Ma Kuang looks at LF wondering what the latter has told YE.

YE: What are you looking at? How can people work on an empty stomach?  If you are hungry, can you do your work?

So as not to get Ma Kuang into trouble, Lai Fui quickly interrupts and says he will go eat his food now.

LF: No, no. I will eat my food now.

YE: Wait.  Clean your hands first.

Yong En smiles warmly as she hands him her handkerchief, then turns her head towards Ma Kuang and glares at him.  LF goes to the table and proceeds to eat his dinner.  Behind him, Quan Bo walks down the stairs.

QB: Ma Kuang, go back to your room. Yong En, you too go up to your room.  I'll talk to you later.

YE: Eat enough

Lai Fa stands at attention, looking anxious.  Quan Bo invites him to sit down.  He sits down.

QB: I know you are very serious in your work. And wants to demonstrate your ability.  Hai Shu they all didn't mean to make it hard for you. Just that they wanted to make sure you do your work properly.
LF:  Zhou Quan Bo, I understand.
QB: Good. Do your work well. There's lots to learn.

LF: I'll learn all that I need to learn. Don't worry.

 QB: Go eat then.

He turns to go back upstairs. Lai Fu bends his head to eat his food. Then at the stairs, Quan Bo turns around to face Lai Fu and says:

QB: Next time, don't bother Yong En unnecessarily.

LF's face goes blank. Eh, say what? He didn't bother Yong En, it was Yong En who bothered him when he was minding his own business scrubbing the floor.  But what can he say but 'fine'.

(TN: Steven did such a brilliant job portraying two completely different characters. Bravo! Somehow, Lai Fu's face looks fuller than Ting Xuan's slimmer face. Odd!)

Quan Bo has a talk with Yong En telling her not to get too close to Lai Fu. Yong En doesn't understand why she shouldn't.

Next scene
Mr. Shen looks up Chief Liu to find out who is behind Mr. Song's arrest. The chief tries to sneak out from seeing Mr. Shen but shrewd Mr. Shen forestalls his action and preempted his escape. Cornered and pressured, Chief writes a character on his palm to clue in Mr. Shen on whom to talk to. Compare son Qi Jun's vs father's method/arts of extracting information from an uncooperative person - deviousness and clout.

Next scene
Meanwhile the romance has been going well between Ting Liang annd Ai Wen.  That night Ting Liang gathered his family in the living room to announce his intention to marry Ai Wen. His marriage agenda is not because of his love for Ai Wen but rather he hopes his matrimony will impress upon his father his maturity and as such his will let him take over Ting Xuan's bank duties. But Tang disapproves his marriage plans. First, with Ting Xuan still missing, he is not in the mood for a wedding. Second, it would look odd to have a wedding celebration without Ting Xuan there.

next scene
Mr. Shen somehow helped Mr. Song clear the bribery charge against him, thus gaining him the latter's eternal gratitude towards him. So now sly Mr. Shen is assured of Mr. Song's wealth backing his military prowess. Yi Lan tells Qi Jun she will stop pursuing him, instead she will wait patiently for him to love her.

next scene - restaurant
Yong En walks down the stairs into an empty restaurant. She sees Lai Fu diligently scrubbing the floor, while his other two colleagues napped on the nearby table. (Say, how long would it take for Lai Fu to finish scrubbing the whole floor?) Except for the sound of scrubs, scrubs, scrubs the night is quiet; suddenly, ri....p!  the sound extra loud as it resonants in the silent room. Lai Fu started, and stops scrubbing.  He promptly checks his pants and sure enough, a long tear. Oops! He quickly gets up, thinking to make a quick exit to change before anyone's the wiser to his embarrassment.  But as he turns around, to his dismay there Yong En is, staring unblinkingly at him, taking it in. Yong En tactfully says nothing, holding back her amused smile.  Cornered, Lai Fu grins sheepishly. Momentarily struck dumb with mortification, he titters nervously as he slowly backs away from her and rear-ended the table behind him, jolting up the nappers.  Beyond mortified, Lai Fu flees the scene.  Unable to hold back her amusement at Lai Fu's funny retreat, Yong En chuckles genteelly behind her hand.

I must say Lai Fu is beyond cute in this scene!

next scene
Lai Fu's bedroom
A close up shot of Lai Fu intently mending his torn pants, by the look of the haphazard stitches, he is obviously a new hand at it.  A knock on the door, it's Yong En coming in to check up on him.  Guess Yong En likes Lai Fu, else why would she a young girl go alone into a young man's room? But then Lai Fu is a cutie.

Anyway, Lai Fu is surprised to see his visitor is Miss Yong En herself.

LF:  Ei! Miss Yong En!
YE: Mending your pants.
LF: Yah! Pants'  torn so need to mend them ya

Yong En giggles at seeing his inept handiwork.

YE:  How come the stitches look like caterpillars?
LF: Oh, mom did the stitching for me at home.
YE: It's normal for a man not to know how to stitch.

Yong En nonchalantly walks toward Lai Fu and sits beside him on the bed.

YE: I'll do it for you.
LF: No, no. How can I let Miss Yong En, you do it?

Affecting an angry look, Yong En says sternly: If you still address me as Miss Yong En, I'll get angry.

Yong En's stern face stupefied Lai Fu as he stares blankly at her.  Seeing his blank look, Yong En chuckles and says gently, "We're friends, ma."

Relieved, Lai Fu lets out an inane, nervous laughter. He,he, he, oh.  And he obediently hands over the offending pants to Yong En's capable hands.

YE: Ei! How come your pants are black but you're using white thread? Get me the black thread.
LF: Oh dear!
YE: What?
LF: I don't have black thread
YE: I've it in my room. Come with me.
Giving him a bright smile, she says: "I'll teach you how to mend your pants."

Next Scene
Yong En deftly sews the pants with a needle and black thread. Lai Fu is appreciative of her handiwork.

LF: Wah, your stitching is exactly like my mom's. Yong En, you're so great!
Then looking crestfallen he says: Compare to you, I'm truly so stupid.

YE: That's depends on what kind of work. There are things you can do that I can't.

(tn: Gotta say, Steven did the simple, naive, honest man's look so well.)

And of course busybody Ma Kuang is found snooping outside Yong En's bedroom by Quan Bo. Meanwhile, Yong En finished mending Lai Fu's pants. Lai Fu thanks her, and she says "you're welcome." Then spotting a twig on Yong En's hair, Lai Fu suddenly holds on to Yong En's shoulders and looking her straight in the eyes, he tells her not to move.  Not knowing Lai Fu's motive, Yong En freezes.  Then Lai Fu draws closer and closer to her as if he was going to kiss her - well, at least from Quan Bo's vantage point.  For a frail, sickly, old man, Quan Bo sure is strong as he forcefully lifted Lai Fu away from his beloved Miss Yong En.  haha!

Quan Bo asks Lai Fu what was he doing?  Lai Fu says he saw this (twig) on Yong En's hair and was just removing it from her hair.

Quan Bo reproves Lai Fu: Did you not know that males and females should keep their distance from each other?  Did I not warn you not to enter Miss Yong En's bedroom?  Did you treat my words as a puff of wind?

Lai Fu is stunned by Quan Bo's strong reproof. Yong En interrupts Quan Bo's tirade, and says she was one who had asked Lai Fu into her room.  Quan Bo rounded at Yong En making her flinch with his reproof: "You are betrothed. Did you not know to be more circumspect with your behavior?"

Lai Fu tries to get a word in edgewise but his attempt is instantly cut short when Quan Bo turns his wrath on him: "Why are you still here?  Pack up and leave! Go!"

 Lai Fu begs Quan Bo to retract his order but the latter is adamant Lai Fu should leave immediately. As Lai Fu turns to leave, Yong En urgently calls out him not leave.  Quan Bo again reminds Yong En of her betrothal vow to the Shens.  Wanting privacy, Yong En tells Lai Fu to go downstairs then she spills the beans to Quan Bo that the Shens has broken out the betrothal months ago. Quan Bo is stunned by her revelation. Yong En begs Quan Bo to allow Lai Fu to stay.  Quan Bo finally agrees to let Lai Fu stay but he reminds Yong En to be discreet in her behavior as befits her lady's status. Yong En is more than happy to comply so long Lai Fu can stay.  Quan Bo then leaves her room.  Left by herself, a fond smile escapes her as she recalls the suspended moment when Fai Fu and she were so closed together as he slowly leaned forward to pluck the twig from her hair.

So how different is this moment with Lai Fu from the one in epi 1 when she suddenly realized that the 'hero' she has admired is actually one and the same as her betrothed, Shen Qi Jun?

next scene-First encounter between Ai Wen with Cen Yi.
Walking the street, Ai Wen suddenly got caught in the rain.  She gets splashed by a passing car driving Cen Yi.   Still under the false impression that Ai Wen is Yong En, Cen Yi tells the chauffeur to stop the car.  She approaches Ai Wen and apologizes to her, and wanting to get close to her 'daughter' Cen Yi offers to buy Ai Wen a new dress to replace her soiled one.  Ai Wen thinking that Cen Yi is checking her out because of her relationship with Ting Liang.  

next scene - First encounter between Yong En with Cen Yi.
The same rainy day. Yong En finds out that she has lost her mom's mandarin ducks pendant to her.  Disregarding the pouring rain, Yong En goes outside to search for it but to no avail.  As luck would have it, Cen Yi passing by in her car encounters a frantic Yong En in her search.  She has the car stopped and hands an umbrella to Yong En through the window.  First encounter between Yong En with Cen Yi.

 next scene
Jin Residence - Yong En's stepmother received Quan Bo's letter telling Mr. Jin that Yong En is still alive.  But this info is deliberately withheld from Mr. Yong so that Ai Wen.

next scene
The restaurant - Midnight
Lai Fu finds Yong En sitting on the staircase crying.

LF: Miss Yong En, it's already midnight, how come you still not asleep?  How come you're all wet?

Lai Fu goes up the stairs to sit beside Yong En.

LF: Did someone bully you? I'll go beat him up.
YE: Someone must have picked it up
LF: You lost something? (Yong En nods.) What did you lose?
YE: It is a jade pendant. Don't know if I lost it when delivering the take-out.
LF: Then..then go buy another ba
YE: Can't be bought at all. That was the only thing my mom left for me; it is a one-and-only.
LF: a one-and-only.
YE: My mom died giving birth to me. I've never seen her face.  That jade pendant is the only thing she left me.  Now, the link between between us is forever broken.
LF: Don't cry la.  Your crying makes me want to cry too.  Don't cry, don cry lah.
Poor Lai Fu doesn't know how to console a distraught Yong En.

At dawn, Lai Fu goes outside to look for the lost pendant. He searches high and low on his knees, looking into nooks and crannies.  Yong En comes down the stairs into the restaurant looking for Fai Fu.  Just then, a stinky and dirty Lai Fu rushes in before her.

YE: What happened to you?
LF says anxiously: Yong En, look! Is this your missing jade?

Lai Fu  opens his palm to show Yong En the jade.  Face crestfallen, Yong En shakes her head and says: "Thanks anyway." She starts to turn away.

LF: Wait, Yong En. I also found this other one.  I..I hope it is this truly the one you're looking for. Take a look.

Lai Fu clasps the jade tightly in a fist, hoping against hope that he has found the right jade for Yong En, as the latter with much trepidation, also hoping against hope that the jade pendant clasped inside Lai Fu's fist is too.

original post date: Mar 24, 2013

Revised summary write-up is on the currently airing episode nationwide, which is slightly different from that aired on local tv stations, length-wise, editing and story sequence wise. Satellite TV episode 4 is local tv .episode 6   

2013 Note: TV direct download episodes are of different length from DVD episodes and currently airing episodes in satellite tv stations. The previous ypp episodic summaries (about 35 minutes) are based on videos recorded directly from local TV stations, hereafter the episodic summaries are based on dvd episodes (40-45 minutes, which are numbered differently from tv episodes.

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  1. Oh!!!! Lai Fu was so cute! And, yeah, I love Ting Xuan - Yi Lan's scenes too. Still now I can understand all what they said. Haha. Watching online without your translation, I just understand some words... =))
    Steven's perform was excellent! Can't belive I just watch 1 person portray 2 very different character!


    SM fan asked the author on weibo if Yong En has truly loved Lai Fu at all given her later intimacy with Qu Jun - giving him the half pendant? She says she conceived 3 kinds of love for Yong En in her story: Lai Fu is like Yong En's childhood sweetheart, sweet and pure. Qu Jun - she likes and trusts him enormously, a man she can spend her life with. Ting Xuan - hate and love, intense and unforgettable.

    SM fan1 replies that on tv Yong En doesn't seem to have love for Ting Xuan, much less intense love. Seems like she just has hate for Ting Xuan.

  3. The author's weibo post:
    "Someone said that Qu Jun is like a moron glued to Yong En. Actually I envisaged the story arc of Qu Jun's love towards Yong En as 'love at first sight', guilt, love strengthens when meet again, forbearance, give up, try to forget, but unable to forget, until his imprisoned emotion explodes under suppression.

    Unfortunately in the series, Qu Jun embodied too much of Qiong Yao leading male style; I can't help but feel it's unfortunate. "

  4. Hahaha. Yup. I can see that HSS did a very bad job! haizx! First Eps make me feel odd.
    And yeah, I don't see Yong En had has feeling for Ting Xuan, just hate, and just because she love Lai Fu...
    I agree with the one said that If she love Lai Fu so much why give the haft pendant to Qu Jun. Specialy that haft pendant remind me to Ting Xuan when he put it into her hand in the hospital. At least must let some thing left to show that Yong En has Ting Xuan in her mind. >"<. I will be more excited with the ending if she keep all with her.