Monday, July 28, 2014

Notice: Opportunities for SM fans to get close to Steven

This is the chance for fans to get up close and personal with Steven via the following events:

1) 20 seats are allotted to SM fans to attend the 6 studio episodic recording of "技行天下" in its Guangdong tv studio but these seats go fast, like lightning speed fast. The upcoming August 6 seat allotment for the 2nd episode recording is full within minutes of its announcement (sm baidu weibo) as it did for its predecessor 1st episode July 25 recording.

2) 20 lucky winners will get to watch "Next Station, I love you" August 18 2014 premier in a  Beijing theater with Steven. To win a ticket, they have to write and submit via pm to 出色堂小馬工作室 a short essay expressing their gratitude and love to a person. The dateline is July 31st 2014.  Steven will personally go thru these essays to pick out the 20 winners whose essays moved him the most.


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