Monday, October 27, 2014

Revised 10/30/2014 Vote for Steven in Astro polls

2014 Astro TVB voting
Steven has only one nomination -  top 15 most favorite TVB TV male character.
Storm in a Cocoon is nominated for best drama. dateline: 23 november 2014 8pm-10pm

Perspective on Astro awards and Starhub awards for Steven - TVB's politics at play. The only time Astro or Starhub awarded Steven an award, a very minor one, mind you, (top 10 most favorite tvb tv character - both times) was in 2010.

Starhub award Jan 2010: Steven was awarded his 1st ever Starhub award (maybe the last) right after he renewed his tvb management contact with Stephen Chan in late 2009 after a protracted negotiation, for which he was promptly labeled by tabloids as SC's latest favorite. Prior to that, as a neglected tvb artist, even a Starhub nomination was hard to come by, nevermind an award regardless how minor.

Astro award November 2010:  In November of the same year, the beleaguered Stephen Chan reportedly regained his footing if not position in TVB after a most distressful period with ICAC since March.   Steven was awarded his 1st ever (maybe last) Astro award, yep, another minor award as carrot.

Coincidences, nah, just TVB's politics at play, that's TVB for you. The long powerful arm of TVB's stick and carrot control technique over their artists and overseas partners should not be underestimated. Public voting is but a guise; we all knew that, anyway.

The most evident of TVB's awards politics at play towards Steven was back in 2008 when because of his ongoing protracted contract negotiation with Ms. VLok. he was not even nominated for either Best actor or Most Favorite Male Character for his role in  'A Journey Called Life'.  To stick it to Steven, TVB not only nominated his co-star, Linda, for both categories but also made her top 5 actress for both categories.

My take on online polls - taken with a pinch of salt

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  1. The below info is lifted from some other TVB artist thread. Anyway, looks like this circumventing the polls is common knowledge and rampant among other artists' fans. That's why I don't put much stock in voting any awards connected with TVB. The previous Starhub voting can be circumvented too like Astro. Just google for the format for their local id card and phone numbers, and even local address, that's all. Non-Steven Ma fans visiting here are welcome to use the method to vote for their tvb idols - only fair that they should know of this method too.

    To register for Astro voting
    Replace digits in the following examples
    leave the address blank

    NRIC NO: 3 blanks to fill in. 12 numbers in all
    1st blank (6 digits) = YYMMDD
    2nd blank (2 digits) = birth state
    3rd blank (4 digits) = last digit is gender; odd no:=male; even no:=female)

    NCRIC: 890712086542
    Mobile phone # e.g.: 012-8912345 ; 012-3381234; 016-7874321