Sunday, June 28, 2015

Updated w/ video: 6/28/2015 Sze you tonight ep21

So far, links to Sze U tonight 今晚睇李 ep 21 6/28/2015 upload


Steven and Johnson's duet - Internal Affairs theme song

Though Steven's powerful vocal noticeably overpowered Johnson's weaker vocal. Both did a good job singing the duet.

Someone (Gentle Crackdown 2) told Steven to forgive Johnson (for his transgressions). Steven asked why should he. That someone said: "He's crazy ba!"  Haha! But gotten say, Johnson took the ribbing well.  Well, what matters is that Steven and Johnson both got over their dislike (more on Steven's part) of each other to become brothers now, good for them.

Eta: Steven and Johnson's bantering (more like Steven's relentless ribbing of Johnson) clearly depicts the typical close male friendship, whereby they can publicly rib each other affectionately and good-naturedly without them getting offended, unlike us women (speak for yourself, Tamaya! Heehee! Yeah, JMO) who tend to be more sensitive and uncomfortable at being so (affectionately) publicly roasted. (Eta: I forgot that Fala Chen took Steven's comment about her poor communication skill with the media rather well too. )  I wonder how Steven would react if a colleague/good friend publicly tell tales of his past misbehavior at work, like he did on Johnson?  So, kudos to Johnson for being a good sport, although he was noticeably eager to move along the tale of foe to the part where they finally became friends. That being said, Steven is more outspoken with close friends, with mere acquaintances he tends to be more guarded with his conduct and is extra polite. Wonder if some portion of their banters was loosely scripted, or at least had the topics pre-agreed between themselves - e.g. Steven revealing his initial dislike of Johnson?

Btw, I'm impressed with Steven's total alcohol abstinence from being a heavy social drinker to now a teetotaller. Read he's off smoking too. Always knew he possesses a strong willpower, and when committed to something, will do it all the way - like how he now fully embraces Christianity to the max.  

Afterthought:  Wonder if the rumors of Steven collaborating with NowTv prompted the question of whether he would work for another TV station.


  1. I enjoyed this episode alot, probably because they didn't edit as much out like they usually do with each episode (I hate the editing they do with this show -- they cut so much out and it's so choppy that sometimes I wonder why they even bother filming it). Steven got to talk alot and there was some good banter between him and Johnson -- it's obvious from the way they talk to each other that they're really good friends. I especially liked the part where Steven tells Johnson to get his act together so that the paparazzi can quite bothering him, since they live in such close proximity to each other -- that whole segment was hilarious!

    1. Including Steven this episode I've only watched two other episodes (epi 1 and Fan Bing Bing's) and really not that interested to continue watching. Johnson's monologues were rather forced, that being said, kudos to him for taking the initiative and having the courage to try out new things to grow as artiste and to further develop his career - so good for him.

      Their affectionate bantering and spontaneity show their closeness, but Johnson did try to steer the long-winded Steven to the part where they later became good friends in their 2nd collaboration. Johnson was feeling the heat from Steven's roasting of him a bit -- haha! I may watch the Father's Day episode with Michael Miu - how was that episode compare to Steven's?

    2. @tamaya: I agree that at least Johnson took the initiative to try something different so he should get some credit for that (good to see he's not sitting around waiting for TVB to notice him, though I find it kind of funny that he had to take the same path Luisa Maria Leitao did with her Telling Maria interview show -- come up with the concept themselves, plan the show themselves, practically produce it's almost like they are just "borrowing" TVB's studios to film or their channel to broadcast). Anyway, I'm not fond of Johnson's monologues either, as most of the time they are not funny and end up sounding forced as well as awkward (plus a bit crude with all the sexual innuendos, which they overdo). I like the 思文敗類 skits that he and Pal Sinn do though -- yes, a few of the skits are kind of dumb but most of the time they are funnier than Johnson's monologues. And I'm sorry, but Johnson isn't that good of an interviewer -- every episode he comes across so awkward and seems to fumble alot with asking his questions and such (and it doesn't help that the editing is horrible so he comes across even more 'choppy' and 'awkward')

      The Father's Day episode was ok -- I like both Michael and Kenny Bee so I was fine with sitting through that episode, though I still hate that they cut so much stuff out. I enjoyed the dialogue guessing game that Johnson and Michael played (though it's a shame that they cut most of it out -- they ask like one question and a few minutes later, it's "last question"...what happened to all the questions in between?)

      To be honest, after watching every episode of the show so far, I would have to say that I enjoy the musical performances more than the show itself, especially when the singers from the 'good ole days' go on and sing their classics (i.e. Tai Chi group, David Lui, Ram Tseung, Kenny Bee, Alex To, Chris Wong, Karen Tong, etc.)

  2. Hi Tamaya. Thanks for the video. Seems to have difficulty in watching Link 2 due to the iherb advert. No problem with Link 1 which is entertaining.

    1. You're welcome! I usually watched the shows on the 3rd link site (just posted), but it always took the longest time to upload.

  3. Am I the only one who felt really uncomfortable with Steven's ribbing? Don't get me wrong - I love Steven but he's ever so serious even when he's joking. I think he did it over slightly with the "I hate you" jest. If I was Johnson's mum, I wouldn't like someone talking to my son like that.

    And even though I've watched pretty much every episode of the show so far, I still feel Johnson is really awkward in his role. He's not really "man" enough to pull off his gags and stunts and I want to bash his head in when he laughs, which sounds really forced and fake. I think my favourite episode so far is the one with Christine Ng and Elena Kong because they were both really charming. The rest of the episodes I more or less watched for background noise (except Steven's of course).

    1. Well, not so much discomfort as impatience in general with people telling tales, so I had this urge to chide Steven: "Yaya! We get it. Get on with your story already, will ya?" His embellishment prompted my question above - Would Steven be as gracious as Johnson, had the table being turned on him - with Johnson giving him as good as he received? Like I mentioned in my commentary above, us women (jmo) may be more sensitive to and be offended by Steven's ribbing than the men.

      Anyway, I bet Steven and Johnson had an understanding on how their convo would go - sort of. Steven said they know each other family pretty well, so close they often have dinners together in each other's home, so pretty sure Johnson's mom knew all about Steven's initial 'hate' for her son, but all that is water under the bridge now as they have become good brothers, and can now joke about it with fondness. – It does make for a great tale to regale the public with especially between two people with such different personalities.

      From my past observations, Steven can be quite outspoken with truly close friends, friends he knows very well - like Fala or Johnson or Lam King Kong - friends he knows will take his outspokenness the right way without hard feelings - that he means well or that it was spoken in jest, and that he loves them for who they are.

      If u listen to his old radio commentary on Lam King Kong, whom he considers one of his best friends, he did go on about how much he disliked KK initially but later how they became good brothers. If one ever has the good fortune to be Steven's inner circle of friends, one will have his loyalty for life unless one wronged him. That's Steven for u.

      Agree that Johnson needs much work on his hosting skill - very awkward to watch! He's still at the wannabe stage.

  4. Like llwy12, my favorite segment got to be when Steven complaints how Johnson attracted the 'dogs' to their residence area, disrupting his own lifestyle. haha! And I got quite a chuckle at Johnson's expense when Steven was told to ignore Johnson's raving cos' he's wacko! lol! All in all, it was quite a fun segment.

  5. Most may not know that Steven was not the first to reveal his discord with Johnson to later become brothers. In this 2013 news report, Johnson himself revealed that discord between him and Steven. Johnson Lee on SM

  6. So, I watched Michael and Kenny B's episode. They are such good family men, good husband and good fathers. I was actually taken aback and touched too by how emotional they were when talking about their children. Aside, they also look good for their age. Good for them! Will watch Christine and Elena's episode later.