Monday, July 20, 2015

Reminiscing: Healing Hands1

Dr. Joe was the character that started my fandom domino effect. And of course, 1997- 1998 was a very difficult  period for Steven as his mother's health deteriorated rapidly. I was all that more awed by his awesome natural acting talent in portraying a happy, sunny character opposite of his own mental state at the time.

complete Video set by LuvIsFeeling薇之作
On becoming a Steven Ma fan
What drawn me to Steven
Flattery will get you everywhere
Godfather to Jojo Cho's (doctor trainee Amy) daughter
SM baidu HH1 screencaps
SM baidu HH1 screencaps2

Dr. Joe was Steven's breakout role that turned the tide in his career.

audio - 2013 RTHK channel 1 - 舊日的足跡

Steven's scenes only ep 3

Steven's scenes only ep 1-2 

Healing Hands 1

Healing Hands 1

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