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Revised: YYP episode 7 summary incomplete

Outside the photography studio
LF: Yong En, you know, this is my first time having my photos taken. I never had my photos taken before when young my mother said I looked like an idiot. So I dare not took photos.

Chuckling, Yong En walks in front of Lai Fu, looks him in the eyes and smilingly says: “Who says? Lai Fu looks good.”

Ah, such sweetness!

LF: Thank you.
Ho, ho.
YE: Let’s go!

Lai Fu takes his bike and pushes it alongside him as he and Yong En stroll leisurely side by side, chatting amiably.

YE: Lai Fu, you are really handsome!
(tn: What is called “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.)

LF: No way.

And then somewhere the two got separated – Lai Fu continues his way to the restaurant while Yong En stops to check out a big promo ad about her old friend, who apparently has become an actress in some movie. Unaware of the Yong En’s absence, the oblivious Lai Fu continues his stroll talking to the missing Yong En.

LF: Next time whatever you want I’ll buy for you.

Conversely, Yong En stares incomprehensibly at the ad talking to the missing Lai Fu, telling him that the woman on the ad looks like her friend.

Finally, Lai Fu turns his head to see Yong En’s response to his question: “What do you think?”. What a surprise he got for Yong En is no where to be seen. He calls her. Meanwhile, Yong En also turns around to find Lai Fu missing too, and hollers his name, “Lai Fu, Lai Fu!” So begin the frantic search for each other. Lai Fu mistaken a girl for Yong En, and just at that moment he overhears people talking about this one young lady being killed in a car accident. Jumping to conclusion Lai Fu immediately thought of Yong En. He rushes to the scene of the accident where a strange girl lying on the ground dead. Imagine his relief at seeing the dead girl is not his beloved Yong En, so nary another glance, off he goes in search of his beloved, and finally they find each other. Yong En calls out to Lai Fu, and at hearing Yong En’s voice, Lai Fu’s face immediately shines with relief and happiness. He rushes to Yong En and hugs her real tight in his arms, and chides her for her disappearance. “Where did you go? You can’t just take off like that!” (sub-song by Zhang Meng)

YE: You should talk! Where did you go? Did you know how worried I was? Promise me, you won’t wander off like that anymore.

LF: En, I promise you. I won’t wander off anymore. Moreover, I’ll stay by your side forever. But you also must also promise that you too won’t wander off like that.

YE: I promise you. I won’t ever wander off and also will stay by your side forever.

All’s well that ends well.
Not taking any chances of unexpectedly losing each other, they are back on the bike with Yong En holding onto Lai Fu tightly.

LF: Looks like I can’t keep my promise after all.

YE: Why? What’s wrong?

LF: You’re a young mistress, while I’m just an errand boy. One day you’ll have to get married. For sure you’ll find someone who is much better than me, and also who treats you much better than I would. So what use am I staying by your side?

Yong En smiles and says gently: Lai Fu, you’re wrong to think that. A person’s power, status, background are not important. I’ve lived in that kind of household but I wasn’t happy at all. But with you that’s not the case. You’re kind, cute, but more importantly you treat me well. For that, I’m already very contented.

LF: Tell me then, Yong En, do you like me?

Feeling bashful at Lai Fu’s direct question, Yong En lowers her head, hesitating just a wee bit (upping Lai Fu’s apprehension) she then looks up at Lai Fu’s anxious face with a wide smile and says: “I like you.”

Her response evokes a big whooping reaction from the elated Lai Fu. Hah, young love is sweet!

LF: True? You truly like me?
YE: En

Lai Fu throws back his head and yells out loud to the world: Yong En likes me! And so happy was he, Lai Fu blurts out to Yong En to get married, that way they won't ever have to be parted again. “Let’s get marry! That way we  won't get parted anymore. What do you think?” His outburst instantaneously wipes  off the happy smile from Yong En’s face. Marriage – now that’s one huge jump from liking to getting married. And what kind of a marriage proposal is that, anyway?

To heighten viewers’ anticipation to Yong En’s response, the scene jumps to the restaurant scene. Lovelorn Qi Jun has returned to the restaurant to wait for Yong En putting Quan Bo in a quandary. He tells his employee, Wang Liang, to go outside and wait for Yong En to return, and to get her to use the back entrance and stay inside until Qi Jun leaves. The cook says forget it, he will chase Qi Jun away. Qi Jun leaves and hails a rickshaw.

And predictably who should come around the corner but the two lovebirds – Lai Fu and Yong En riding on their bicycle-not-built-for-two.  So did Yong En accept Lai Fu’s impromptu marriage proposal?  While worrying about a possible scolding from Quan Bo, who should creep behind them but Quan Bo himself? They apologize contritely to him for their late return. To their surprise, Quan Bo not only did not scold them but says it is a good thing that they came home late.  Huh, say what? The two are relieved to get off so easily and they proceed to enter the restaurant. Just then, somehow Qi Jun riding in the rickshaw feels Yong En’s presence, and has the rickshaw stopped for him to disembark.  He sees her and hurries toward her, calling her name.  And so these two meet again face to face right outside the restaurant entrance – poor Quan Bo.  Indeed no mortal can prevent what is already predestined to happen.  Qi Jun can’t believe his eyes so he keeps repeating, “It’s truly you!?”  Yong En takes the Qi Jun’s sudden appearance in stride, her face expressionless, while Lai Fu looks on with his mouth agape in bewilderment.  Actually Qi Jun’s lovesick acting is quite painful to watch. Heehee! So relieved he is that he suddenly grabs Yong En tightly in his arms, much to Lai Fu’s consternation. Lai Fu immediately breaks them apart. “What are you doing? Let go!”

Qi Jun asks to speak with Yong En privately but the latter declines saying there’s nothing to say between them but in the end gives in to Qi Jun's entreaty. She turns to Lai Fu, looks him in the eye and promises him that she’ll make it quick.  Lai Fu wants her to pinkie swear with him to seal her promise, which she did. Qi Jun’s heart drops to see their solemn oath to each other. Has he lost her? Yong En tells Lai Fu to wait for her.  She leaves and Qi Jun hurries after her. Quan Bo asks Lai Fu where’s Yong En, the latter says she has left with that man.

Seated inside a posh restaurant, Qi Jun explains to Yong En that he thought she was killed in that explosion. Yong En exclaims she is indeed dead.  Qi Jun apologizes to Yong En for the misunderstanding but Yong En brushes aside his apologies and explanation.  Qi Jun persuades her to return home, that her current situation is beneath her status.  But she says she no longer has a home, and moreover she has never been as happy as she is now.  After giving her rebuttal she walks out.

Meanwhile, Lai Fi waits impatiently for Yong En’s return. His co-workers can sense his insecurity and jealousy – one is lofty sky the other is humble earth. They wonder how Yong En, whom Quan Bo has introduced as his niece from the countryside, knows someone of high society. The more they puzzle over Yong En’s situation, the more trepidation Lai Fu feels.  Worker X sits down besides Lai Fu and jabs him with how Lai Fu he can’t compare with that man (Qi Jun) so he should just give up on Yong En being his.  But Lai Fu ignores him and scooches away from him. With his head hangs low, he did not see the approaching Yong En until she is standing right in front of him.  She takes hold of both his arms and gently utters his name, but Lai Fu breaks loose and runs inside the inn. Yong En chases after him but halts when Quan Bo calls her name.  He has something to say to her. And so the interrogation begins. Quan Bo wants to know everything starting with who that man is. He is taken aback when he heard that man is the mysterious Shen Qi Jun.  – Yong En’s ex-fiancé, General Shen’s son. He says that’s great.  Yong En says what’s so great about it?  “Quan Bo, have you forgotten we have already broke our betrothal? ”  She blames him for the situation she is in now, and thinks he is just a playboy playing with her feels.  Quan Bo exclaims it must be because of her feelings for Lai Fu that she dislikes Qi Jun that much. Quan Bo persuades Yong En to give Qi Jun a chance to redeem himself.  Lai Fu is beneath her.  Quan Bo knows Yong En won’t listen to him so he breaks off their talk, and let her leave. His admonishes her to think carefully.

next scene
Still under the impression that Ai Wen is her daughter, Qin Yi eagerly attends their lunch meeting set up by Ai Wen in a restaurant.  Qin Yi is a bundle of anticipatory emotions as Ai Wen immediately and easily ingratiates herself.  Rui Fen interrupts the meeting and for the 1st time, Rui Fen gets to see her husband’s mysterious 1st wife who until now still resides first and foremost in his heart.  Dismissing Ai Wen, the two wives got talking to clear the air, with Qin Yi none the wiser that Ai Wen is not her daughter, Yong En. Rui Fen and Ai Wen are ecstatic to see how well they have duped Qin Yi into thinking that Ai Wen is Yong En. With Qin Yi on their side, Ai Wen’s marriage plan is off to a good start.

The secret is out, Qin Yi is Yong En’s biological mother.  But their plan to have Ai Wen as Yong En is overhead by Mr. Jin who is furious at their duplicity to get Ai Wen married into a prominent family.  But Mr. Jin’s is blackmailed into their plan as like Rui Fen has pointed out, how is he going to explain to Qin Yi Yong En’s disappearance.

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Qi Jun stalks Yong En at the restaurant.  Then he returns to office but his mind is full of Yong En and what could have been, totally neglecting his work and Yi Lan.

Despite Yong En’s overture of friendship to him, Lai Fu ignores her. Yong En corners Lai Fu to ask why he has been avoiding her.  Finally, Lai Fu breaks his silence and asks Yong En the questions that had been troubling him. Who’s that person?  How come he can hold that way? Even took you somewhere until late at night!  He’s scared she wants that guy and not him.  Lai Fu feels inferior to Qi Jun.  Yong En lashes out at Lai Fu for listening to other people and not come to her to express his concerns.  Lai Fu says he is scared of what he would hear from her?

Yong En:   So what do you want to hear? 
Lai Fu: I want to hear that you’re only good to me
Yong En: What about you yourself?
Lai Fu: Of course, I’ll be good with you only
Yong En: Then we are even
Lai Fu: Even on what?

Yong En grabs Lai Fu’s hand in his.

Yong En: Lai Fu, you’ve only me in the world, likewise, I’ve only you. As to that Shen Qi Jun, he is not important to you or me.  Why let him bother you?

Lai Fu sticks out his pinkie and ask: Truly? 

Yong En twines her pinkie around Lai Fu’s and with a sweet smile says: “Truly!”

But Lai Fu still needs some convincing, he asks: “You’re not lying to me?”

Yong En assures him that she’s not. At hearing her affirmation, Lai Fu’s face immediately  breaks into a smile.  With the air cleared, the two are happy again. Their little sweet reconciliation is interrupted by Quan Bo. He asks Yong En for a walk so that he can have a private talk with her. To emphasize the social status between Yong En and Lai Fu, he likens the beautiful peony to Yong En while Lai Fu is grass. Bu Yong En rebuts and says she prefers to be the resilient grass than a fragile flower.  She assures Quan Bo that it is indeed her choice. She knew Quan Bo must have looked up her father to inform him of her existence but reality is brutal.  They are both under the impression that Mr. Jin has cut her off his life.  Yong En begs for Quan Bo’s blessing on her and Lai Fu’s relationship.

Next scene – QJ’s office

Revised summary write-up is on the currently airing episode nationwide, which is slightly different from that aired on local tv stations, length-wise, editing and story sequence wise. 

2013 Note: TV direct download episodes are of different length from DVD episodes and currently airing episodes in satellite tv stations. The previous ypp episodic summaries (about 35 minutes) are based on videos recorded directly from local TV stations, hereafter the episodic summaries are based on dvd episodes (40-45 minutes, which are numbered differently from tv episodes.

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