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Revised: YYP episode 6 summary

And slowly, Lai Fu's fist unfurled to reveal the pendant. Releasing her suppressed emotion, Yong En cries that indeed it is her jade pendant.  The relief on Lai Fu's face is instantaneous, as he shouts out and jumps around in unbridled joy .  Haha! Actually, happiness is that simple.

LF: Yay, I helped Yong En find it.
YE: Lai Fu, where did you find it?
LF: I found it in the drain besides the jade shop. (hence his stink and dirty appearance)
YE: Thank you, Lai Fu.

As she approaches him, Lai Fun steps back, saying he's stinky and dirty. Yong En says you are not stinky or dirty, moreover, you found the most important thing for me.  Then Yong En holds out her little pinky to Lai Fu.  Lai Fu is nonplussed by her action, she reaches out to grab his hand and twine their little pinkies together.  Their fingers thus twined, Yong En thanks Yong En in a heartfelt, symbolic gesture; first pointing to her heart as Yong En and then to his heart when uttering his name: "I, Yong En, truly thank you, Lai Fu," .

Seeing her thus, Lai Fu laughs sheepishly, and manages to blurt out: "You're welcome." Thus a bond connected these two friends. Quan Bo standing by the door takes it all, not without some trepidation at their rapid bonding.

next scene
Theater - press conference for the rising star - Gao Qian Yun - Yong En's old friend from the old neighborhood. Tang Ting Liang presents her with a huge bouquet of red roses.  Turn out he is the investor for her movie, therefore her employer.

Next scene
Tang residence- Seeing Ting Liang and Qian Yun's picture on the newspaper, Mr. Tang is angered by Ting Liang's dalliance with an aspiring starlet, instead of concentrating in real work. But Ting Liang is unrepentant because like he says even with Ting Xuan's gone, he doesn't have much responsible work to do in the bank and the family businesses anyway.  Ting Liang is angered by his father's obvious favoritism of his old brother.  So where is Ting Xuan all these months?

Ting Liang talks with his mom.  His mom confronts Ting Liang if he had anything to do with Ting Xuan's disappearance.  She knows her two sons' characters thru and thru and she finds Ting Liang's concern very suspicious as she says he should be happy instead of his display of overt concern. Ting Liang flips to see his mother think so badly of his character. She says she did a bad thing when she was young maybe this (Ting Xuan's disappearance is karma for her bad deed.)  Anyway she will pray to Buddha and burn incense to pray for Ting Liang so as to lessen his bad karma.  Guess that must be a blow to Ting Liang to have both parents think so badly of him, even with his old brother gone, they still 'love' Ting Xuan more than him.

Jin residence
Ai Wen is also angered by the news report.  But she is not going to give up on such a good catch like Ting Liang. She is going to pretend to be Yong En to hook onto Qin Yi to get to Ting Liang.

Quan Bo calls up Jin residence again to get hold of Mr. Jin, but unluckily Mrs. Jin takes the call, and of course refuses to pass his call to Mr. Jin.  She lies to Quan Bo that Mr. Jin has read all the letters he has sent him, and has discarded them after reading. However, Quan Bo is adamant to tell Mr. Jin of Yong En's situation. He walks to the Jin residence asking to see Mr. Jin.

Though Mr. Jin took Rui Fen as his concubine, he is still ashamed of her background as an opera singer, and he rebukes her to make him lose face for singing so loudly that the neighborhood can hear.  He then leaves the room.  Momentarily, the housekeeper steps inside the room to inform Rui Fen that Quan Bo has asked to see Mr. Jin. She tells the housekeeper to tell Quan Bo that Mr. Jin does not want to see him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jin reads on the newspaper that Mr. Tang and his 2nd wife (Qin Yi) will attend a charity function tonight.  Wanting to catch a glimpse of his old love, Mr. Jin hurries out to go there.

Quan Bo tries hard to get inside the Jin residence to see Mr. Jin but failed.  Not knowing what to do, Quan Bo wanders aimlessly outside the residence, and then he sees Mr. Jin chauffeured car coming out of the house, he rushes in front of the car to stop it.

So, having finally get to see Mr. Jin face to face, did Quan Bo get Mr. Jin to listen to him?

Seeing Quan Bo outside, Mr. Jin tells the chauffeur to stop the car. Quan Bo hurries to speak with him. But Mr. Jin is in a hurry to get a glimpse of Qin Yi in the reported event so he is in no mood to speak to Quan Bo, especially when the latter wants to speak of Yong En's death, which is still too raw of a pain to talk about.  How would he know that Quan Bo has come from a far to tell him otherwise - that Yong En is not dead but is living with him at his place.  And how would Quan Bo know that Mr. Jin has thought Yong En is dead hence his seemingly heartlessness at dismissing Yong En's plight.   A missed opportunity or a dismissed opportunity henceforth changes forever Yong En's life and everybody connected with her.  Mr. Jin commands his chauffeur to drive away, leaving behind a devastated Quan Bo at Mr. Jin's heartless disregard for the his daughter's situation.

Bone weary, Quan Bo finally got back home to his restaurant where he is greeted by an anxious Yong En who had worried about his disappearance.   Not wanting to hurt Yong En, he fibs that he was just out walking.

The kitchen in the restaurant

Yong En shows Lai Fu how to pack the food inside the carry out basket. Quan Bo is not happy to see the bonding between Yong En and Lai Fu. As fate would have it, Yi Lan brings a dispirited Qi Jun to try out the food in Quan Bo's restaurant in an attempt to cheer him up. In the kitchen Quan Bo yells Yong En's to tell her to come back right away after the delivery, Qi Jun's ears perked up at hearing Yong En's name but he can't be sure if it was just his imagination or not since Yi Yan did not hear.

next scene
After delivering the carry out, Yong En and Lai Fu stop at a store to admire the window display of jewelries. Lai Fu notices her appreciation of the jade pair earrings-bracelet with the butterfly charms.

LF: Yong En, you like that?
YE: Yes,
LF: Then buy them
YE: I like them but I'm sure they're pretty expensive. Forget it, let's go!

And then Yong En strolls to another store front window to admire the framed portraits display there. Her reverie is broken when Lai Fu reminds her that they need to go back to the restaurant. As Lai Fu turns away from the window display and not looking where he is going he accidentally bangs his head against the hanging sign board. Yong En asks him if he is all right; Lai Fu says he's fine but his head hurts.

next scene
A long shot of Lai Fu bending over washing dirty dishes at night outside the restaurant kitchen. But his mind flashes back to Yong En's longing for the jade butterfly charm bracelet. But his reverie is abruptly broken by a fellow worker, Ma Kuan. Putting on an ingratiating smile, Ma Kuan asks to borrow money from Lai Fu. Lai Fu says he has none. Ma Kuan asks Lai Fu what did he do with his pay? Lai Fu says tersely that he did not have any pay. Ma Kuan does not believe Lai Fu and says they all have just received their wages, how can he not have his yet? Upon hearing, Lai Fu stops his work, digests the question, got up abruptly in search of Quan Bo.

Next scene
Lai Fu finds Quan Bo at the counter inside the restaurant. Lai Fu timidly requests his wage. Quan Bo says oh yes, right; you've been here for a month already, and he hands Lai Fu his due pay. Lai Fu goes back to his dish washing to find Ma Kuan still there waiting to borrow money from him. But Lai Fu refuses because he intents to use his wage to buy the jade bracelet for Yong En.  Ma Kuan scoffs at Lai Fu's intention to buy an expensive jade bracelet with that small amount of his wage. Lai Fu naively says “Isn’t that enough?” Ma Kuan looks at Lai Fu with disbelief. He pulls up Lai Fu and tells him that he has a way to greatly multiply the money, for him to buy whatever he wants. Lai Fu says “truly?” to which the MK says “of course”. Ma Kuan drags Lai Fu away from his work. Innocent Lai Fu says: “Don’t lie to me.”

Next scene
Gambling den - smoky and dimly lighted;  a crowd of noisy and animated gamblers.
As luck would have it, the place is operated by Ting Xuan's family.  Inside the place, Ma Kuan pulls Lai Fu aside and tells him not to let anybody know of what they did today.

Puzzled, Lai Fu asks "why?"
Ma Kuan, in disbelief, says: "What do you mean, why? If Quan Bo finds out we both will be fired." 
Lai Fu says "ok!"
MK: "Give me the money."
LF asks suspiciously: "Why?"
Ma Kuan grimaces, and exasperatedly says: "I need to change (the money) into tokens. Need tokens to play.

Ma Kuan comes back with the tokens, and proceeds to explain the rules of the game to Lai Fu. When asks what his bet is, Lai Fu without hesitation says he bets on 'big' to which Ma Kuan warns him not to since the last win was on 'big', so this time the win should be on 'small', right? Must be a gambler's logic on lady luck probability. But Lai Fu is adamant on placing his bet on 'big'.

LF: “A real man so of course must bet big. Be unstinting ah! (da qi 大气*) I won’t bet small.”

Ma Kuan scoffs and proceeds to play his bet on small. And lo and behold, the winning bet is on ‘small’.Seeing his hard earned wage gone in a flash Lai Fu turns to leave but Ma Kuan pulls him back to the gambling table, and makes him stay by reminding him why he was here in the first place – to win enough money to buy the charm bracelet for Yong En. Reluctanly, Lai Fu bets one token on 5 and he wins that bet. He is ecstatic over his win. Ho ho ho! Lai Fu puts his stack of token win on the same number 5 and again the bet opens on 5. Lai Fu decides to call it quits while he is still ahead with his double wins. Of course Ma Kuan will have none of that as he himself still has yet to win big, moreover, he still has not gotten his gambling fix yet. Ma Kuan promptly tells Lai Fu the money is still not enough to buy the expensive bracelet. Because of Lai Fu’s winning streak, when he puts his bet on ‘big’, other gamblers immediately rush to follow suit. But just before the result is displayed, Lai Fu abruptly snatches his token away from the table and runs off. Good thing he did that as the bet opens on ‘small’.

fn: *大气 = generous, greatness, unstinting, imposing

Next scene
Tang’s dining room
Mr. and Mrs. Tang and Ting Liang are having dinner when the man servant(forgot his name) interrupts with an important news of Ting Xuan's sighting in their gambling den. The man says he himself was not there but was told by their employees there. However, the employees said there was something strange about Ting Xuan in that he was strangely ecstatic at winning some money in their own gambling den. They also said Ting Xuan was attired in coarse clothing, and looked very down-and-out. The Tang family is shocked by such news. Ting Liang tells the man to investigate the hearsey further.

Next scene
The dining room
Mr. Tang walks into the room. When Mrs. Tang sees who her visitor is, she stops her work and calmly says: “You’re here, what a rare visitor. What brings you here?”

Just as calmly but not without a hint of accusation Mr. Tang comments that Ting Xuan’s missing for a month does not seem to faze her at all, judging from the steadiness of her calligraphy work. So accused by her husband, Mrs. Tang’s calm façade cracks as she asks defiantly just how is she supposed to behave – should she be emotionally distressed, wail and weep; or should she beat her chest, lamenting loudly? Mr. Tang looks quizzically at Mrs Tang, and says her strong faith in Buddha notwithstanding but still she is human after all so can she really be this serene or can it be that she knows something.

Mrs. Tang looks at him with hurt disbelief at his insinuation. Feeling wronged, she heatedly lashes back at him:"Whether serene or distraught, what else can I do? It’s not the first time I lost a relative. Eighteen years ago I had already experience the pain of losing a husband’s heart. Actually when Yu Qing came I should have left but I didn’t because I didn’t want to leave the kids with you. I want to see them grow up. Since the day Ting Xuan gone missing, I pray and burn incense daily to the Buddha, pray that he is safe. I’ve already let Buddha take care of everything – is that consider an offence?"

In the face of her hurt dignity and righteousness, Mr. Tang is stumped as to how to respond so without saying a word he turns away and walks out the room. Did he even feel a twinge of guilty at causing such hurt to his lawfully wedded wife? Though hurt and pain are bubbling fervently inside her, Mrs. Tang keeps a tight lid over them, exerting great control over her tumultuous emotions. Such is the sorrow of a forbearing, discarded and unloved 1st wife of her times.

Next scene - Ting Liang’s bedroom
Ting Liang is sleeping on his bed when suddenly he is awakened by someone strangling him. Who else but his long lost brother, Ting Xuan, who has come to exact vengeance on him.

Looking sinister, Ting Xuan says, most ominously: “Tang Ting Liang, you sure are ruthless. Because of Tang business, you actually went so far as to harm me. Now I’m taking your life for mine.”

Turns out the whole scene was just a bad dream – the dreamscape of a guilty conscience. Mrs. Tang heard him so walks into the room to see him. She asks him why a bad dream in broad daylight. And if he dreamed of Ting Xuan, if he did then her prayers to Buddha are not wasted. Ting Liang bursts out in anger at hearing her concern for Ting Xuan, and screams everybody only cares about Ting Xuan, Ting Xuan this and Ting Xuan that, and that no one cares about him or his future. Mrs. Tang is shocked at his outburst. Ting Liang immediately feels contrite at shouting at his mother. Mrs. Tang knows her son well and right away latches on his outburst about his future. She looks him straight in the eye and lectures him on whatever is his, nobody can take away; but if it is not destined for him no matter how much he forces or wills it, he still can't have it.

Next scene – Shen Residence
Qi Jun pining for Yong En with flashback to her ‘death’. Bao Ren, interrupted his reverie. He mutters to Bao Ren that though he only seen Yong En 4 times in his lifetime and yet they defined his whole life. His aide, His father walks in with the news that Mr. Song has made good his promise to donate a large sum of monetary to his army. Qi Jun is not sure about accepting the largess but his father chides him for his scruples for money is greatly needed to support a military prowess. His father changes the topic to Qi Jun and Yi Lan’s relationship, that he has picked another auspicious date for their engagement party. But Qi Jun is unwilling. Mr. Shen knows better than to force his stubborn son so he wisely drops the subject and turns to another subject - Qi Jun's military career. He hereby appoints Qi Jun as his chief of staff in his army. In light of Qi Jun's promotion, Mr. Shen sets aside a property as home base residence for Qi Jun, to which the latter will move in in two days' time. Mr. Shen also tells Bao Ren that effective now he is promoted as deputy chief of staff to assist Qi Jun.

Next scene - Behind the restaurant
Camera pans onto Lai Fu and Yong En sitting opposite each other on low stools washing dirty dishes in the square behind the restaurant. Every now and then, Lai Fu steals glances at Yong En, making the latter quite suspicious so she finally asks Lai Fu what's up with his staring. Lai Fu can’t content himself any more. He gently disengages the dirty plate from Yong En’s hands, washes her hands in another tub of clean water, and proceeds to dry her with a rag, all this without uttering a single word. Yong En is baffles by Lai Fu’s action and demurs over his impropriety. But Lai Fu keeps his silence. Holding both her hands in his, with restrained excitement he retrieves something from his pocket, and smiling bashfully he shyly puts it on her palm and immediately closes her hand over it.

Lai Fu: It’s for you
Yong En slowly opens her hand and sees the desired bracelet. She smiles happily at the pleasant surprise gift from Lai Fu.

Yong En: So that’s why you requested your wage from Quan Bo just to buy me this bracelet?

Lai Fu: That’s right.

Yong En: But your whole month’s wage is not enough to pay for this bracelet. Where did you get the money?

Lai Fu: I can’t tell. If Quan Bo finds out I’ll be sent home. 

Yong En: Fine, I don’t want this bracelet. 

Lai Fu: No,no,no, don’t do that. Take it. 

Yong En: Then you must tell me.

At that moment, Ma Kuan walks in with dirty dishes.

Yong En: Ma Kuan. Do you know where Lai Fu got the money to buy the bracelet?

MK: oh.. this is a foreclosure product. I know the owner well so got a good price for it. Heehee. Lai Fu wants to please you. You scared him?

Feeling a bit guilty and much touched, Yong En thanks Lai Fu for his gift.

Yong En: Lai Fu, thank you very much. I like this bracelet a lot. But next time please don’t spend this kind of money again. 

Lai Fu: You really like it?

Yong En: very much so 

Lai Fu: Let me put it on for you. So beautiful.

And at that moment, Quan Bo drops by and tells Lai Fu to do some take-out order delivery, which the latter hurriedly complies with alacrity. Lai Fu runs to get his bike and cycles to the restaurant front where he is greeted by Yong En carrying the carry-out basket awaits with a happy smile. Just then Quan Bo appears behind Yong En, and asks her if she really wants to go with Lai Fu, to which the latter smiles and says yes. She reassures him that they will be right back. She then seated herself on the bike behind Lai Fu. Lai Fu smiles happily and away they go but not without Quan Bo cautioning Lai Fu to be careful on the road, to which the latter throws back a cheerful “we will”, and off they go- happy and free as two love birds.*

And just then who should appear at the scene but a dejected Qi Jun. Qi Jun can’t put aside that trusty inner voice that tells him him he did hear Yong En’s name mentioned inside the restaurant that day so he has returned today for another look-see. Seeing an obviously upper crust well-dressed customer, Quan Bo hurriedly over to serve Qi Jun. He is taken aback when Qi Jun unexpectedly asks him if there is a woman named Yong En there. But of course Quan Bo ever suspicious would not tell him and warns the waiter to deny any existence of Yong En there, which the latter did when asked.

Next scene
Looks like Lai Fu holds Yong En hostage on his bike when he turns the corner away from the direction to their restaurant after their delivery. Yong En gets anxious at the unexpected detour as they would be scolded by Quan Bo for their late return.

YE: Ai, Lai Fu, our house is over there. Where are you going? If we return too late we’ll get scolded. 

Lai Fu ignores her admonition. After a short ride, Fai Fu stops his bicycle in front a photography studio. 

YE: Why are we going to a photography studio?
LF: Let’s go in. 

Saying thus he drags a reluctant Yong En into the studio. They are promptly greeted courteously by the studio photographer.

LF: Lao Ban (proprietor), we want to have our pictures taken. The kind displayed outside. 

Photographer: Ok. Please come in. 

But anxious Yong En stops Lai Fu from going farther inside. 

YE: Lai Fu, you've already given me a bracelet and now to have our pictures taken, that's a lot of money. 

LF: So long Yong En you are happy, I, spending money is no big deal. 

Yong En feels sweetness swelling inside her. She rewards Lai Fu with a sweet smile in return. 

YE chides LF for his words: Listen to you, talks like a Da Shao Ye (1st young master) himself. 

LF: Really? 

Lai Fu throws back his head and ho ho ho. In the instance, happiness surrounds this two young lovebirds.

Left waiting while the photographer prepares his camera, Lai Fu checks out the big backdrop. Yong En asks him what he is doing to which the latter says that the backdrop looks really realistic. Finally the photographer gets his camera ready. He tells Yong En to sit and Lai Fu to stand, seeing the distance between Lai Fu and Yong En, he tells the former to stand closer to Yong En. And so they each poses for the camera -- Lai Fu standing upright and stiff as a statute with this utmost solemn countenance san any hint of smile, (after all having their photos taken is a very unusual and serious occasion for the poor then), and Yong En more relax with a demure smile. Just when he is about to take the picture, the photographer stops the shot, he feels that something is off but not sure as to what exactly. Then it strikes him, the off thing is Yong En’s pair of spectacles. He asks Yong En to take off her spectacles but the latter is apprehensive to do so and asks if she really has to. The photographer says her glasses reflect the light. Seeing her reluctance Lai Fu bends over to look Yong En in the eye and tells Yong En he will take off the spectacles for her. Not waiting for her response, Lai Fu gently takes the spectacles from her face. At seeing her spectacles-less face, Lai Fu is momentarily struck dumb at seeing Yong En's unobstructed beauty for the first time. Seeing his ‘struck dumb’ stare at such close quarter, Yong En suddenly feels self-conscious, especially at hearing his "wah!".

Lai Fu blurts: Wah! 

YE: What?

LF with much admiration and a smile, Lai Fu says: “Yong En, without your spectacles, you’re actually very beautiful.”

Reassured by his fulsome praise of her beauty, sweetness again swells inside Yong En. She rewards Lai Fu again with that sweet smile of hers. She thanks Lai Fu sweetly for his compliment of her beauty. For just one brief moment she had been just that tiny bit worried about Lai Fu’s silent intense up-close scrutiny of her face. But the sweet moment is all too quickly interrupted by the photographer's advice to take their places for the camera. Ready, set, 1-2-3, go, click, click. The camera captures the moment – Lai Fu with his close lipped smile and Yong En with an open demure smile, in different poses but always with Yong En sitting on the chair – happiness radiates from them.

fn: * see behind-the-scene on the bicyle scene

Revised summary write-up is on the currently airing episode nationwide, which is slightly different from that aired on local tv stations, length-wise, editing and story sequence wise. 

2013 Note: TV direct download episodes are of different length from DVD episodes and currently airing episodes in satellite tv stations. The previous ypp episodic summaries (about 35 minutes) are based on videos recorded directly from local TV stations, hereafter the episodic summaries are based on dvd episodes (40-45 minutes, which are numbered differently from tv episodes.

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