Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The days of CNY feasting

Looks like besides celebrating the new year with family, Steven has also been doing the obligatory eat, drink and make merry get-togethers with friends, too.

sources 2nd or 3rd day of cny:  戴蘊慧 ; cady lam
source FB - 3rd day of cny - Little Ma Studio start of the new year lunch

sources: weibo 6th day of cny - Steven with the Tai sisters (戴蘊慧戴辛尉),  Mrs. Tai, Elvina Kong among others as dinner guests at HK renowned philanthropist, Mrs. Alice Chiu (趙曾學韞) and Mr. Chiu's home.

TN: Mrs. Alice Chiu actually sponsored Steven's 2007 Hamlet. 
related news report: 2/12/2015 Blind and Deaf charity

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