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星級會客室 i-cable tv interview 2014/11/01

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GFcomplex segment 馬浚偉擇偶有情意結
Mother segment 母親去世成馬浚偉永遠遺憾
Career turnaround 馬浚偉被賞識拍劇成事業轉捩點
Singing debut 馬浚偉初出道被喝倒采感難受
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This interview segment mentions the possibility of Steven having a 'mommy complex'. Even before the above interview, I'd said it before and I will it say again, it is not easy being Steven's woman because of her being inevitably compared to his late mom. And since late mother has taken on a goddess-like image in Steven's mind, what mere mortal woman can measure up to that? My sympathy has always lie with V. To Steven's credit, he too is aware of that unfairness placed on his (ex) girlfriend. Not only that, given how close-knitted his family is, gf or wife has to be accepted/approved by his family members  (the whole in-law relatives) as in if/when she marries Steven she is in essence marrying into his big family, so yeah, definitely not easy being Steven's woman, especially also given Steven's chauvinism, his high moral and discipline standards, his workaholic tendency, and his status as a celebrity.

All I can say is that Steven has not met that one woman who totally and completely captured his heart yet.

My 2009 13 August AF post
Tamaya: In 2006, when I first read Vivian's impressive credential, I was truly shocked by it. Incredibly so.[..] From my previous read up on Steven, who admitted to be a Chew Chao dai lam yan (chauvinistic man), I thought Steven for sure would pick a gf who was more of a demure and traditional Chinese girl -- someone more like his homemaker mom. But Vivian totally does not fit my image of a possible girlfriend for Steven. 


  1. I totally agree that he has a "mommy complex." She is a constant in his life as is every mother should be in their children's lives. But he talks about her passing in every interview like she just passed with no sense of moving or looking forward. Very sad, because he's not really living in the moment.

    1. Actually he only started talking constantly about mommy since composing that mother song (Cherish 1 cd), which then became a broken record played in his interviews. Prior to that, though he did mention his mommy occasionally, these mentions were far in between, and not in length or depth that they are in now. It's like the dam he built around him had now completely broken down. It wasn't until two years ago that he actually 'exposed' his 'guilt' in possibly hastening her death. I was honestly taken aback by his candor in discussing him probably having a 'mommy complex" given the media's propensity for negativity.

      My 2013 summation and comment: Time has not erased that guilt, that (mom's) written accusation; only faded them somewhat, but there it lodges forever in Steven's heart and mind, easily re-ignited - what a burden to carry around. The psychological trauma of losing his mother so unexpectedly (esp since the surgery was deemed a success) with the whole incident instant freeze in his mind and heart, his remorse and guilt over his advice to his mom to take the surgery forever changed Steven's psych and his life outlook. To these days, Steven is still making amends to atone for his 'transgression' towards his mother's death. With her unexpected passing, Steven was not given the soul cleansing chance to say sorry to her. It was not his fault but often it is heart over mind.

      The interview in which Steven for the very first time publicly revealed his sense of guilt over his mother's death.

  2. I'm actually more annoyed at the fact that he has made Vivian waited for so long with no marriage plans set in stone.
    A woman's beauty and youth is very fleeting.

    1. In Steven's defence, he did not make Vivian wait, that was her choice to make. Given Steven's upfront character I pretty sure his girlfriend knew right from the start and thru the years what she got herself into when she accepted him as bf. It's a gamble she was willing to take it.

      It may be that the main reason for their numerous break ups is because Steven did not want V to wait for him so he set her free to find another man.

      2012 news "As to their breakup decision Steven refused to reveal the reason for it. He just wanted to make their breakup known. It is unknown if breakup was due to their marriage being delayed time and again? "No need to go into details, want to keep some privacy. (Why wait until a year later to reveal?) To protect the former girlfriend. (But now) she may date another man. I worry that she might be photographed by someone and then be gossiped upon. That's why I revealed it now."

    2. Anonymous and Anonymous, are you the same person? I'd appreciate if you'd post with a name instead of Anonymous, that way I've a sense of whom I'm talking to. Thanks!

    3. Once a 'layman' decide to be an artist girlfriend, she should have prepared for any unforeseen 'changes'. The person need to understand that working as an artist is different from ordinary people. So, nobody is waiting for somebody. It is mutual understanding. In fact I admire them for being able to last the relationship for so many years.

      I like what Tamaya said.

  3. Like Steven had shared in many of his recent interviews, his family main focus was their mother and he had cared for her from a young age therefore it is definitely hard to accept her unexpected death due to the surgery. He even suffered depression because of the guilt. Thankfully, Steven had now found God's comfort and peace and trusting God's plans for him including marriage.