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Steven's show of appreciation for his fellow tvb colleagues

 心照 lyrics of his new song is so Steven's personality.

Steven has a genuine liking and appreciation of people. Besides showing his affection for his 3 tvb 'sisters' namely Tavia, Fala and Linda, he also commented on his close friendship with his tvb brothers namely: Dexter Young*, Lau Kin Kong, and Evergreen Mak. (crhk-circles thread) .  And of course of his affection for Producer Leung Choi Yuen, too. During the airing of his own tvb series, Steven often chose certain cast members and crew members to showcase on his weibo.  Just read some of his past yahoo blog and weibo entries on his fellow tvb colleagues below -there is no doubt in my mind of Steven’s affection for his fellow TVB colleagues, who made up TVB. To Steven, TVB was not just a workplace with co-workers but rather his home away from home with his extended family of friends of many years.  He most probably had them in mind when he wrote the song.
There were rumors that Steven Ma was in tears at an earlier dinner Mar 15 between TVB artists and management. (Ms. Lok + Norman Leung+ Mark Lee) It was understood that Steven did not shed tears for himself, but was worried over the future prospects of TVB. Steven confided to Norman Leung regarding the plight of the little-known state of TVB artists. Steven hoped that TVB management will place importance upon the matter, as an increasing number of artists would otherwise leave, resulting in greater losses for TVB. 2011 sep

Do fans know their idols' body double? Well, I do as do many SM fans because Steven has introduced him, Ah Hin, to us on his weibo. And once when Ah Hin got hurt doing a stunt on Steven's behalf, SM fans knew about it too cos' Steven wrote about it on his weibo, and Ah Hin received many SM fans  'get well soon' messages. stunt double intro

Below are only some of his blog and weibo entries showcasing his fellow tvb colleagues:

2006 blog tribute-to-stuntmen
In a TV series production, besides the producer, director and cast, there is also a large group of behind-the-scenes distinguished ‘ministers’ (gong san) participants before the series can be successfully completed! Today, I write this entry to pay tribute to our group of stuntmen! And to upload some of their photos here, to let everyone get to know this group of ‘shed blood not tears’ group of ‘behind-the-scenes heroes’.

2009 news The martial arts brotherhood from initially disbelieving Steven would do the fighting himself to later believing he truly did not want a stuntman for his scenes began to respect his resilience and tenacity and have even become good friends now.  

2010 Dec introduce cameraman
2009 Feb blog thank-you-seniors
2007 yahoo Sep blog thank you to Fat Boss Kent Cheng
2007 yahoo Aug words to baby actor Chun Chun AJCL
2006 yahoo sep spotlight on tvb crews (pix)

2010 Nov Encouragement to fellow sentinel brothers:
This afternoon, I chatted with my imperial bodyguard brothers. They are the new generation of artists. Listening to them, I could really appreciate their hardship.  Truly, in this day and age being an artiste is getting more and more difficult!  But, regardless how situations may change, a person’s state of mind is what counts.  How you see yourself, that’s how other people will see you! Once you nonstop developing your value, your self-confidence will naturally increase.  Don’t waste time to complain. 學而思習而行 is the best the policy!  (Turn learning to thinking, turn practices to action)  Brothers, let’s all work hard together!

And lots more..

From his book 圖文並謬 on friends:
Frankly, I do not ask much from the people around me. So long no evilness is entailed, I am more than willing to extend my hand in friendship. So long we are fated to meet (yuan fen), even if for just a one-time happenstance, I will not be discourteous to you. And if our “yuan” is strong, even if we only meet once every three years, I will still consider you a close friend. Even if your creed differs from mine, so long it is righteous, I will keep it in mind.

*Dexter Young -- no upload of Circles for dl.

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