Monday, September 30, 2013

Notices- Add ons

Recently and not-so-recenly added 'old' posts from SM thread; some of which some readers may have missed as these posts were added out of chronological sequence, and 'stealthily' added at that.

1) SITS PA compliments Steven for his 'compassion' soups for cast and crew link
2) Ghost Writer Steven Ma almost blinded by hot wax link
3) Fala Chen's Eileen Cha interview transcrip- on Steven link
4) Tavia Yeung's Eileen Cha interview transcript - on Steven link
5) More posts of SITS on SM thread @AF reposted here link1 & link2 To browse AF SITS thread go here.
6) 2007 SM Warm House online fan interviews by webmistress link
7) 2006 news SM still racing, still dancing link
8) 2008 news SM as guest in Joyce Koi's opera link
9) 2009 news Producer LTS commends Steven's acting skill in SITS link
10) 2004 SM's family's CNY traditions link
11) Fan mv of Return of the Cuckoo link

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